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Play casino games

This process is very straightforward. You will need to find an online casino that offers live casino games, this can be found on their game tab or you can just search for live casino on their site. Create an account & you are ready to play. You can check out our take on the best live casinos here.

When clicking on the live casino game you want to play, a video link will pop up on your screen and you will be greeted by the live dealer. Live dealers will introduce themselves, the players & they will go over the game being played. You will be playing against other casino players, which you can see sitting on the virtual table. You can interact with the live dealer on the instant chat function. The dealer will dictate the game just like a croupier will do in a land-based casino.

Types of Live Casino Games:

Live Roulette: Live roulette offers an intense fast-paced game with multiple ways of winning large amounts of money! The player has a set amount of time to place their bets or else the player will miss out on the round. Live roulette is almost identical to roulette being placed in a land-based casino. Once bets are placed the live dealer spins the wheel & calls out the winning numbers.

Live Blackjack: One of the most popular real-life casino games, the introduction of live casinos was important to excite players to play this game in the online world. One of the only games where the player can play against the dealer, a live casino allows the player to interact with the dealer. The game remains the same, do not go over 21 & try and beat the dealer’s hand.

Live Baccarat: Live Baccarat was one of the first live casinos to be introduced to live casinos. Baccarat is an easy game to learn, the same rules apply to a live casino and the dealer will have full control of taking & placing bets on the baccarat table.

Live Poker: Poker is undoubtedly one of the most skill-based card games out there. A very popular live casino game that gives the players the chance to show off their skills & work on their mind games It can be nerve-wracking, it can get heated, players need to work on their bluff & know when to play aggressively or not. Live poker will consist of a virtual poker table and a maximum of 8 seats. The same rules apply to the game and the dealer will hand out the cards to each poker player & control the deck. Live poker is a very popular casino game for live tournaments.

Play casino games

Before the internet, the only place where casino players could play is at a land-based casino or at their local bookmaker. Ever since the internet exploded, gaming companies to the opportunity to create an online presence, allowing them to offer all their casino games online. This was a huge stepping forward as the casino was able to offer casino games to their players in a matter of a few clicks, reaching out to any player on a global scale. That’s right, no more long queues for your favorite table game, just go online & play!

Table games such as poker, roulette, baccarat & blackjack went online allowing the player to have the casino experience from the comfort of their home. Players, in the beginning, were a bit spectacle. All the table games are fully tested in order to have fair & random payouts, but let’s be realistic, would you actually trust a computer? Not entirely. Playing these games online did not have the same experience as actually going down to the casino and playing these games live. Seeing the dice rolled out on the table, or being dealt with a pair of cards did not have the same experience as online. The physical experience was still more enticing for table games.

Live casino games were introduced in order to bridge this gap and provide a real-life experience for players from the comfort of their homes. This will provide the hectic social experience of a casino, the element of skill of playing card games & everything can be seen live in front of the players’ eyes. The live casino allows the player to play live casino games in real-time with a live dealer. It is a real-life casino behind a screen!

The Live Dealer

The dealer is a real live person that will host a variety of live casino games & manage the table game that you select. The live dealer will have the same responsibilities & duties that a croupier will have in a land-based casino. This will allow the player to make any snarky comments,gloat on winnings or even ask the dealer any questions if need be.

Playing Casino Games

Find The Best Online Casino For You

Discovering a new selection of the best online casinos is not a simple process. Well, only if you know how and where to look. You can do as much research as you want, however, the best way to do so is by finding all the best casinos in one place. We bring to you all the top quality online casinos with our unique recommendations and insights. To do this, simply take a few moments to explore our page filled with the best casinos online and you will find the right choice for you in no time.

You’ll find anything ranging from the freshest top-notch web casinos, Microgaming casinos, and Netent casinos to high-quality mobile casinos, which can be accessed from various devices including phones and tablets. The fun doesn’t end there though. Feel free to browse through our casino reviews to get our unique ratings and recommendations for the best casinos online.

New Online Casinos

When browsing through our site you’ll come across our New Online Casinos. This is updated frequently with all the latest online casinos that have entered the scene. Our team of expert are always on the lookout for awesome newcomers, so best believe that you can catch them all right here. Be sure to also find our exclusive casino reviews covering a wide range of all the popular casinos as well as any newbies. Each review is based on our real-life personal experience with the operator, so everything that you will read here is 100% tried and tested. We also ensure that our casino reviews are fair and honest.

No Deposit Online Casinos

Trends are constantly changing and new ideas and challenges are becoming an integral part of the industry. Online casinos are doing their best to create unique experiences for their users, and there is no doubt that no deposit casinos are becoming a favourite among many casinos and sports betting enthusiasts. Check out our page to find the best no deposit casinos.

Mobile Casinos: Get with the times. And all players out there expect instant access to their favourite games. We have examined all the top mobile casinos and provided our own opinion on what might be the right one for you. This is based on a number of aspects, including design, speed, user experience and also game selection.

Payment Providers: A key determining factor for many casino players out there. Payment providers ensure that element of trust among users. Suppliers such as Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Paysafe and MasterCard are among the biggest names. We’ve written a dedicated page specifically for this for you to get a better understanding of credible payment partners that you are always safe with.

Live Casino: From blackjack and roulette to poker, baccarat and more, rest assured you will also find these games in many live casinos online. Feel the real-life thrill from your mobile and desktop. No need to get off your couch. Enjoy live casino games from wherever you are. In our Live Casino, all of our favourite operators have a second to none experience at their online casino.

Lotto Casinos: Some casinos are tailored to push their live casino product, others focus highly on having a stellar poker platform, and then you find those that excel in lotto and lotteries. These casinos are quickly growing in popularity and this is why we’ve put together a page to help you learn all you need to know before playing at a Lotto Casino.

Play casino games

Betting is obviously a risky mode of existing. Someone can obtain a sum of solid cash but can lose it all right away. Gambling appears to be truly irregular and I was thinking that somebody cannot support his/her income intended for living on chance. On the other hand, what happens is that various persons are doing definitely that. A part of them are not quitting their jobs yet, but they appear to win quite constantly so fate cannot be the single factor involved. In online casino locations, everything seems possible.

Roulette Sniper appears to be the secret technique of especially successful players. This product seems to strongly boost the winning likelihood on behalf of the roulette game. Roulette Sniper is vastly used due to its accuracy and flexibility. Blackjack Sniper is the software corresponding part of Roulette Sniper and it applies to the blackjack game. The software was generated by the same team as Roulette Sniper. There are plenty of products on the Internet that make bold declarations as regards their gambling competence. The internet is crammed with masses of nonsense and is really hard to discern the valuable products from the bad ones.

Blackjack Sniper allows you the download of a trial version for appraisal purposes. This will eliminate some uncertainties you might experience concerning the software. Just about all the other blackjack software online does not offer this testing skill, which raises plenty of questions and fears regarding their value. The strategy that Blackjack Sniper uses is a grouping of blackjack strategy, counting letters, bets, automatic procedures and progression. All these elements can be enabled or disabled depending on your playing predilection.

Perhaps you are thinking why pay for blackjack software once there are plenty of gratis opportunities on the web? Your PC will experience severe Trojans infections and the “gratis” software will constantly prove its limitations. Moreover, these freebies appear to be simple tools intended for guiding clients to the casinos, in fact, a promotion scheme.

Blackjack Sniper software was tested in honorable online casinos. In addition to card analysis competence, you will take benefit from the choice to adjust the bet. Blackjack Sniper will repetitively modify the money quantum in conformity with the number of cards. Bonus money is a supplementary fact that people are interested in and for which this software will prove useful.

Playing casino games

Free slot machines: It does not matter what type of slots you want to play for free as they are all available with play money. When you play for play money, both winnings and bets are just that. Thus, there is no risk in gambling. Today, there are thousands of different slot machines to choose from and the range just keeps growing. Therefore, it can be good to try a few different slot machines and then find one that fits. Maybe there’s a new slot machine with a retro feel that attracts? No matter what slot it is, you can play free casino. You can choose whether you want to play for free at an online casino or directly on the game manufacturer’s website. Both options are available to anyone looking for a free casino. Discover for yourself the benefits of playing for free, but remember that you can never win real money.

Free table games: As mentioned, table games with a random generator can also be explored in demo mode. Maybe you are craving a card game like Baccarat or Blackjack. Even in table games, there are very many different variants for you as a player. To find your favorite without risking money along the way, it may be an idea to try playing for free with play money first. Roulette is another table game that is very popular. This game also comes in different versions such as French, European and American roulette. To find your favorite, you can therefore choose to test the different versions. However, we recommend French or European roulette because the house has a lower advantage in these two compared to American roulette.

Free live casino: It can be a little trickier with free live casinos. As we have mentioned, these games are with a real dealer and not with a random number generator. Therefore, it is not possible to play live dealer games in demo mode. Fortunately, pure live casino bonuses are becoming more common. Then you are given a bonus that is created for the live casino. Live casino bonuses usually have slightly higher wagering requirements than traditional casino bonuses. This may feel daunting at first but there is a reason for this. Namely, it is much faster to turn over a bonus in the live casino compared to on slots. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to receive a live casino bonus as this is the only way to play a free live casino.

Free Poker: Many online casinos also have poker available to broaden the range of their players. It is usually available via a poker client or directly through the browser. Regardless, there are usually poker bonuses available. These can be free chips that you get to try poker. Otherwise, it can be free participation in a tournament. The advantage of these options is that you play for free but still have a chance to win real money. Poker is also a game that can be played for free without any risk. Then it’s play money that counts, which means you can play poker for free but still meet other players. This can be for the beginner because the poker sharks that are with the gaming companies often have good control and are good players.

Play casino games

Casino with play money in all its glory, but surely it’s more fun when there is actually a chance of winning when we play? Therefore, we think that a casino bonus is the best way for you to get a free casino. Then you can still play for free without any risk. At the same time, you actually have a chance to win real money. Thus, it is difficult not to be attracted by a bonus offer, at least when it comes completely free. Not all bonuses come for free, but there are some offers that require you to make a deposit first. But some bonuses are given to you without you having to make a deposit.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is relatively rare today but still exists to some extent. No deposit means no deposit and this bonus comes just without you having to deposit money. Instead, you get a small amount of cash from the gaming company to spend on slots. Some let you choose which game to spend your free money on, others have selected one or more online casino games for which the bonus is available. The reason is that the gaming sites may only give one bonus per player and license. This means that if they make a no deposit offer, they can not offer more bonuses to the same player. For the online casino, it is therefore better with a deposit bonus because you deposit money but at the same time get something back.

Free spins without deposit

The most popular casino bonus that is free is free spins with no deposit. This means that you get free spins without having to deposit any money at all. Instead, the online casino gives you a certain number of free spins. Then you can spin the specified slot machine with your free spins. Should you win on your free spins, you have won real money, although there may be wagering requirements on your winnings. At the same time, you have not risked anything because you got free spins completely free from the online casino.

Free spins without deposit become just like no deposit bonuses increasingly rare. The reason is the same, an online casino may only give one bonus per player and license. Thus, they would rather give free spins to those who deposit money rather than those who only want to play for free. At the same time, there are a lot of free spins without a deposit to pick up for you who want free spins.

To start playing at a real money casino it is clearly necessary, first of all, to open an account with the chosen platform. The registration steps are really very simple. In addition to a series of personal data, it will be necessary to indicate an active e-mail address and set a password.

Very often the top real money casinos, for security reasons, send a link to the registered email box on which you must click to complete the registration. The whole process takes a maximum of five minutes – you are now ready to play at a real money online casino!

Any serious and reliable operator gives its users the possibility to choose between various options to make the deposit into their account. Almost all platforms, apart from very rare exceptions, offer the classic bank transfer or payment through one of the most well-known credit card circuits, therefore Mastercard, Visa, etc. Be careful at this stage to choose a payment method that gives you the opportunity to get the welcome bonus.

Another solution that is gaining more and more space, especially among the alternatives made available to users by the top real money casinos, is the Paypal system, a secure, fast method (bank transfers can take up to three days, with Paypal, on the other hand, the money is immediately available) and which does not oblige the customer to communicate their bank or credit card details to the bank.

As just explained, not all online casinos with real money allow this type of deposit, for this reason, we advise you to visit our page dedicated to the in-depth study on casinos with Paypal.

How to Withdraw Real Money Winnings

Top real money casinos make life very easy for their customers. Withdrawing your winnings is really quick and easy via PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. It should be remembered that not all the options available for payment can also be used for withdrawals: Paysafecard and Giropay, for example, are two brands that are only used for deposits.

The average time to obtain the required cash winnings is usually between two and three days, which is necessary to complete the mandatory identity checks according to the security protocols that govern the activities of real money casinos.

By law, therefore, operators are required to request a copy of the identity document from users and to verify that the data correspond to those of the current account holder or of the system used for the withdrawal before authorizing an outgoing transaction. All this is to avoid money laundering. For this reason, the pre-lives generally need a little more time to process, but this is nothing dramatic

Making payments is easy if you follow the instructions we have provided above. The only part that needs a little extra attention is that of authentication. As we have seen, it is essential to prevent money laundering and ensure that all users can play in healthy environments, without scammers or cheaters of any kind.

The authentication, known in English by the acronym of KYC (Know Your Customer), is used by operators to verify the personal data and residence of the players and to compare them with those of the national registers of ADM, in order to prevent registration. of suspicious persons or minors or belonging to other vulnerable groups of the population. However, this is a process that lasts a few minutes and that we explain in detail in this guide:

Reliable Real Money Casinos with Demo Versions of the Games

If you want to win, you have to bet real bucks. But it also makes sense for gamers to use demo mode on gaming platforms. Thanks to the trial versions you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay and strategies of casino games. Every good trader offers you this option as well. The demo versions have the same playful dynamics as the games and the control agencies guarantee to offer identical odds. So there is no truth to the myth that demo versions are designed to encourage players to gamble.

Also, it is useful to know that even if you have no more money to invest, you can still continue playing. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to play demo versions in live casinos However, due to the low betting limits, this problem is relative: you will find enough online slots and table games to play freely in trial mode. Most jackpot slots can also be played for free. An exception is the world-famous Mega Moolah, which you can only watch.

Real Money and the Best Casino Apps

Thanks to smartphones and tablets it is now possible to play freely wherever you are. All the top real money online casinos have in fact optimized their games in the mobile version. Owners of devices running iOS or Android will often find native apps optimized for their operating systems. However, each site also has its own version in-browser app mode, which does not require any type of download to be used. We have chosen the best mobile casino on the market:

If you are wondering what happens when you are playing in a virtual arcade and you log out, we can rest assured. Open games are automatically closed on the servers of the providers and you do not risk losing money in any way.

Our tests have shown that this procedure works well on ADM licensed sites (formerly AAMS). A separate discussion must be made for the game in live mode: in this case, a fast connection is certainly important to avoid annoying buffering, and the use of native apps for iOS or Android can certainly lend a hand to the fluidity of the experience.

Mobile casinos are a reality of online gambling and offer the same functionality as desktop platforms on smartphones (for both Android and iPhone) or tablets. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette, or poker are always at your fingertips on the best real money casino apps. But which are the safest ones?

However, there are numerous casinos for portable devices that offer high-level functionality, well-designed apps, and reliability guaranteed by compliance with current regulations to operate legally. Let’s find out together.

When choosing a casino, both the reliability and safety of the operator must be taken into serious consideration, certainly combined with the variety of the game offered. Given and considering that even though the mobile app is possible to make money transactions, one must never rely on the first bookmaker who passes by but only on trusted ones.

For this reason, we have chosen to set up this information portal where we control the online and mobile casino platforms present on the territory. Under our magnifying glass will certainly pass the browsing qualities of the website, its ease of use, the presence of convenient bonuses, customer support, and the deposit and withdrawal methods available on the casino’s internal bank. All to make sure that you can find the best online casino app, regardless of your operating system.

Top Android and iPhone Mobile Casinos and Strengths

If you want to choose the best casino app to play on your smartphone or tablet, the first thing to do is certainly understand which aspect you are most interested in. Here is the list of the top five apps for mobile gaming:

The videogame landscape is now quite rich when we talk about applications for playing from mobile. However, our screening has allowed us to identify which, in our opinion, are the five best ever: Since we are perfectly aware that  each player is different, we decided to extend the list by going into more detail and listing the various app based on the characteristics for which they stand out:

In the list that we have just shown you, we have chosen the mobile online operators based on their strengths related to the game on the app. From the operating system to the type of games in which they offer the best, to get to important features such as promotions and bonuses to be exploited on the smartphone in the best apps

Mobile casino games are certainly more limited than those that can be found on classic online portals. However, the gap between these two different versions of casinos is getting smaller and smaller. We are now moving towards an almost total correspondence between the range of articles available on mobile casinos and online casinos, especially in the best apps.

Newly designed products are always developed, right from the start, in the double format to meet the new needs of users, who are more and more used to betting and betting from their mobile devices. Find all the specific information on the on-the-go features of individual mobile online operators in our detailed reviews on online casinos operating which we, therefore, recommend that you consult to get a better idea of ​​where to really invest your bankroll.

The Best Slots on Mobile

If it is a quality slot game you will have no difficulty in recognizing it, as it is usually developed by the software production house directly in double versions. Clearly, the more popular a product is among our players, the greater the chances that it will also be purchased in an optimized version from the best casino apps and therefore usable on the main portable devices currently on the market, namely those equipped with an iOS or Android operating system.

Although there are so many quality roller machines in the scenario, we have decided to make a limited selection of real money slot apps, based on properties such as audio-video quality, and the adjustment made to meet the small size of portable screens. and average return-to-player (RTP) rates. If you prefer to play with reel machines equipped with prize pools, you can consult the paragraph dedicated to the jackpot slots that you find above. Most of these products are found on Android mobile casinos.

Play Roulette on Mobile from Tablets and Smartphones

Who would have thought, even just twenty years ago, that one day we would have the opportunity to keep a real roulette wheel in our pocket? Well, today it is possible to take advantage of the best variants of this great casino classic also from smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. In this information portal, we have already illustrated our selection of the best roulette games available on the market, referring however to generic products intended for online casino users