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Let’s take a look at some types of bonuses available for those who play from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Welcome Bonus

If you play from your smartphone or tablet you will have access, in the same way as players who bet from the PC, to the various welcome bonuses available in AAMS mobile casinos. The two most frequent promotions are the welcome bonus with deposit and the one without. The main difference, as you can also guess from the name, is that the former needs a mandatory top-up, while the no-deposit version can only be obtained by registering. Always have a look at the Terms and Conditions of the offers, before you have any nasty surprises later on.

Popular No Deposit Bonuses for Mobile

Among the no deposit promotions there are several opportunities offered by mobile casinos. Let’s see some of them:

Free Spin: This is the main type of no reload bonus. The casino, in fact, only for registering and validating your gaming account, will give you Free Spins for the slots. Usually, these promotions have limitations, both temporal and with regard to the games available in mobile casinos.

Cashback: with this formula, we mean a refund to the player of a certain percentage of money wagered and lost. It is a great option for those players who have a large amount of play.

First Bet Bonus: This solution is perfect for sporting event bettors or those who want to try their luck in a single game in table games. Basically, you will have the opportunity to make a free bet but still, win real money.

Mobile Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Players

Mobile casinos have the same deposit and withdrawal methods as the desktop version, so you won’t have any problems whatsoever. Let’s see what the main methods are.

Credit or Debit Card

This is one of the most used systems by players who choose to bet in AAMS mobile casinos. The transfer is almost always immediate when you make a deposit and with no commission fees. In the case of a withdrawal, however, it could take up to two or three business days. The other advantage of this payment system is that all casinos will accept it when offering a welcome bonus.


It is the leading electronic wallet and is used by millions of people around the world. It is very popular with bettors because there is no need to disclose your personal and banking details

After having listed the many reasons why you should choose to register on new online casinos, we would now like to briefly explain how to register on new safe online casinos and open your gaming account.

Once the choice has been made, to register, simply click on the Register button next to each Casino.

This action will send the user directly to the site of the new online casino, where he will simply have to enter his personal data (personal data, residence, type, and a number of the identification document) that are requested, declare that he is of age, create his nickname and the password to access the platform each time.

At this point, the game account will be created and the user can already start having fun.

To be able to validate it, all you have to do is remember to send, within thirty days of registration, a front-back copy of the identification document indicated during registration.

This step is very important because, in addition to allowing you to remain registered in the casino, it will also allow you to withdraw any winnings in the future.

In general, the welcome bonus for new members is also subject to verification of the account through the document and is disbursed within 24/72 hours of sending.

Protection from excesses

During registration, you will also be asked to choose the type of welcome bonus you prefer and to set your own game limits, which may include maximum daily, weekly or monthly amounts.

The latter element must be paid the utmost attention to because it means protecting oneself from problems that could arise in online gaming, such as gambling addiction.

It would be important to remember that gambling should always be considered a source of entertainment and fun and to avoid getting carried away.

To do this, it might be useful to set limits that are not higher than your actual possibilities.

All safe online casinos, both new and older ones, must be able to allow both the setting of this limit and the possibility of self-exclusion for a certain period of time or indefinitely.

The commitment to the protection of its players is synonymous with responsibility and fairness towards them, as well as, we remind you, one of the essential stakes in order to receive and maintain the AAMS authorization that allows you to exercise online gaming in our country.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the strengths of new online casinos is linked to the many promotions it offers.

The first we come here across when we find the new online gaming room and then decided to click on the link that refers to the casino home page is certainly the one relating to the welcome bonus.

This is a common policy for all online gaming houses, in fact, it is practically impossible to find one that does not give new members the opportunity to test some games by taking advantage of the bonus.

However, there are two different types of welcome bonuses:

One is issued immediately after registering and validating the documents, while the other first requires a deposit, generally of a modest amount.

The welcome bonus is the first great opportunity that no user should miss when choosing to join a new online casino.

Welcome bonus: depending on the type of game

The Welcome Bonus can foresee different forms according to the type of game chosen by the user.

For example, if the player is passionate about Bingo, he can opt for an offer that allows him to have a certain number of free cards, while slot machine lovers will find the ideal formula in the promotion that gives free spins to each new member.

  • Those who do not want to miss the opportunity to bet on some sporting event will not be able to miss a betting bonus, and so on.
  • Very often the welcome bonus is also extended to the first payment made by the user, providing for an additional amount credited in the form of a bonus, which can be of a variable percentage compared to the amount paid.
  • Both of these welcome bonus formulas generally require them to be replayed x times in order to be converted into real money.
  • However, it may also happen that the new secure online casinos provide the choice between the two welcome bonuses.
  • In this case, users who intend to invest large sums of money right away may find it convenient to choose the welcome bonus that rewards the first deposits made.
  • How to choose new online casinos based on the games they offer
    What other features to look out for when we find a newcomer, in the list of safe online casino sites published on our portal?
  • A quick look at the attached review will allow each user to know in advance what gaming environment to expect based on the slot machine and game manufacturers on the site.
  • Each slot software developer has its own trademark and strengths and weaknesses that make the products distinguishable from those of other brands in the industry.
  • Although all software houses are turning ever-increasing attention to accurate graphics and sound effects, each of them has its own vision of the gaming experience.
  • For this reason, some slot software gives, for example, tend to make machines with fantasy game themes, while others focus on historical or legendary themes, and still, others offer slots inspired by the films that have made the history of cinema.
  • Experienced players are thus able to predict, with a certain degree of confidence, that new titles added to the production of a slot software developer who has already produced entertainment in line with their tastes, will be able to satisfy the requirements. his gaming expectations.
  • The new players, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to learn about the productions of the software houses thanks to the bonuses paid at the time of registration.
  • To get an idea of ​​the characteristics related to the numerous slot software providers we would like to try to make a list of those that have been operating in the sector for many years and are considered to be some giants of online gaming.

We want to allow our users to always have an updated view of the offers of new online gaming sites.

Yes, because the birth of new online casinos very often means really tempting proposals that it becomes difficult to give up to try to challenge luck.

In fact, every new online casino needs to make itself known and win the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts, emerging from the crowd with inviting offers and bonuses.

At the same time, however, even the online sites already present must try to counter this phenomenon, extending their promotions, keeping old players tied to themselves, and always trying to conquer new ones.

We could therefore say that the arrival of new online gaming houses has a double advantage since it also gives life to that competition translates into greater benefits for each user.

This is why we believe it is important to offer a complete overview, which includes, in addition to each new online casino, also the constant updating of the promotions of the gambling halls that have been operating in the online gaming sector for some time.

How a safe online casino is born

First, let’s try to analyze how a new online casino is born.

Periodically, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, also known by the acronym AAMS, issues new authorizations to gaming houses that request them and demonstrate that they possess the necessary requirements for online gaming

In fact, authorization is an indispensable element to being able to operate legally on the network.

Before releasing it, AAMS carries out some checks, aimed at guaranteeing each user the safety of being in a gaming environment that complies with all legal requirements (control of software with certified payouts, the commitment of the bookmaker to the promotion of responsible gaming, and methods safe and guaranteed payment of winnings).

Once the authorization has been issued, the casino is subsequently subjected to constant checks over time, so it not only offers the security of being on an online gaming site that was in possession of the requirements to be able to start operating online but guarantees to each user the opportunity to play online in a casino that still maintains that initial level.

For us these are fundamental elements, so on our portal, there are only and exclusively safe online casinos with AAMS authorization.

Do you love online gambling? Do you want to experience the thrill of the game, but remain comfortably seated in your home? Thanks to this guide, let’s explore the best online gambling games, as well as the classic traditional games that tend to be played in casinos! In any case, we specify that these games are completely legal and equipped with the AAMS license, which totally legitimizes the possibility of using these games.

First, Let’s See Which Games Can Be Played Online.

The most famous and widespread games are obviously sports betting, very popular among today’s young people, especially among those who love sports. Through these games, you can place bets on all sports competitions, such as football, tennis, or Formula 1 matches.

Each player has the opportunity to bet on their favorite player, starting from very low, never excessive amounts, but with the possibility of very high winnings. Do you think that sports betting is so widespread that it is even considered one of the most vigorous sectors of the entire economy?

To encourage the spread of these games, there is also the possibility of playing via mobile or tablet, as well as via the computer. In addition, we should also mention the inviting welcome or loyalty bonuses that these websites offer, especially to the most serious bettors.

The Best Legal Online Gambling Games

Obviously, many people worry a lot when they hear the word ” gambling “. But there is another word that will reassure you instantly: legality! The games of chance that we offer you are absolutely legal and have specific authorization from the Customs and Monopoly Agency, which is the body that monitors the proper conduct of online gambling.

This agency guarantees the user an easy game in a totally safe and regulated context, as well as the possibility to have fun in a technologically advanced environment. It mainly intervenes in the case of illegal gambling, so it is a very solid guarantee. Therefore, you can play in total serenity, without worries! In any case, despite the total legality and legitimacy of these online gambling games, a guarantee of safety and protection, we still invite you to play with great responsibility and without exaggerating.

The Most Important Information About Gambling

Many people are familiar with traditional casino games. But when it comes to alternative gambling games ( therefore not necessarily involving a casino ) are we informed enough? Here is the most important information to know if you decide to gamble.

Surely it should be emphasized again that it is important to know very well the game you are playing and the rules it entails. If you are a beginner, do your research before playing! Remember that in this world, especially in the online one, there are many experienced players with many years of gaming behind them.

Furthermore, it is also understandable that often the odds of winning are in favor of the dealer, but an experienced player can lead the situation to his advantage, learning all the tricks of the trade each time: remember that no one is born learned.

Finally, on the sites proposed by us, you can interface with more prepared and capable users, who can easily give you tips on the game and on how to always be a winner!

If you read our guide, you will be correctly informed about online gambling and we assure you that you will not regret it! We will transform you into trained players and increase your chances of winning, resulting in greater economic benefits for you.

5 variants of blackjack disappeared into thin air: two were too good for the players.

Over the years, numerous variations of blackjack have been developed. Just to give a few examples, it is very popular, while the variations with particular rules such as Strip Blackjack or Blackjack Switch are in vogue.

And then there are 5 variants of blackjack that have been proposed in casinos but that have been withdrawn in a hurry because they are considered bad or unplayable by the supreme judges, the players themselves, or because they are too generous towards them.

1 Three Card Blackjack

2 Never Bust Blackjack

3 Two-Face Blackjack

4 War Blackjack

5 Lucky 13’s Blackjack

Three Card Blackjack

In 1994, aspiring casino game inventor Derek Webb created a game that would be very successful in the casino world, Three Card Poker. In 2006, Eliot Jacobson and Larry Lambert tried the same, throwing Three Card Blackjack.

The game was proposed among the variants of blackjack in some gambling halls in the Washington area, where instead of the canonical two private cards they were given three. The hand basically ended there, because the score was given simply by the sum of the three cards or the best two if the third one got high.

The house advantage of 3.42% and the inability to actively influence the outcome of a hand made Thee Card Blackjack disappear in just a few months.

Never Bust Blackjack

Another variation of blackjack that attempted to remove any trace of strategy and skill from the game (and you will have already understood why it ended badly) is Never Bust Blackjack.

In the game, players received two sets of two cards each, but not interchangeable as in Blackjack Switch: whoever had a lower score of 16 had to weigh another card.

  • The game folded in no time.
  • Two-Face Blackjack
  • The game started out as a normal blackjack hand, apart from a couple of different rules:
  • No 10 in the deck

The dealer must turn over his face down card if the face-up card is a jack, queen, or king

You understand that being able to see the dealer’s hand was a huge advantage, so much so that the house edge was just 0.34%: a dream for all blackjack players.

Not surprisingly, it was the casinos themselves who decided to send this variant to the attic, evidently too little profitable for them.

War Blackjack

Go from being called the “best new table game of 2013” by Casino Journal to oblivion? Ask War Blackjack how he did it. And it’s not the players’ fault this time either.

By combining war with blackjack, this game gave more experienced players a huge advantage. The War phase, in fact, simply provided a challenge to the dealer to whoever had the highest card: if he won, the player could collect the winnings and immediately finish the hand or transfer it to the bet made in the blackjack hand.

Since the War phase was played with the two cards face up of the player and the dealer, this represented an advantage for the player, who could decide whether to cash or risk based on the dealer’s card.

Casinos removed the game in favor of something more profitable (for them).

Lucky 13’s Blackjack

We close with Vinny Sandhy ‘s creature, Lucky 13’s Blackjack. Created in 2014, this variant had 64 cards in a deck instead of the usual 52, thanks to the addition of three new values: 11, 12, and 13.

What happened when a player instantly busted, possibly receiving a 13 and an 11? He could split his hand.

Interesting concept, but obviously not for blackjack lovers, who snubbed it right away

The wagering requirements are the conditions to which everyone must comply in order for a bonus to be transformed into either a liquidate credit or a real bonus, i.e. credit that can be used even when the time limits of the casino welcome bonus expires.

You know that wording often quoted with “x” that precedes a number? For example x20? This is the wagering requirement of the bonus in question and it means that the bets to be made in order to clear the bonus must be twenty times higher than the value of the bonus used and for more information visit here

What does it mean? To put it very simply, it means that for the 1.00 bucks bonus you invest you need € 20.00 in total bets to then collect the winnings in cash: a type of condition that clearly serves to prevent players from cashing in immediately. their bonus, a possibility that would certainly be very advantageous for users but which, if we think about how many users there are in an online casino, would undoubtedly bankrupt the portal.

Percentage of the welcome bonus: what does it mean?

The percentage of the casino welcome bonus is of course that refers to the bonuses recognized on the deposit made, which is made richer by an additional percentage of credit that is given as a bonus.

So how should we read when we read the description of a bonus in terms of “100% bonus up to x euro”? The percentage expressed refers to how much more credit we will get as a bonus, so in the case of a 100% bonus, it means that your deposit will be doubled, receiving the same amount as you paid for free up to a maximum limit established by “up to ”, A topic that we will deal with better shortly.

The most common deposit bonuses are precisely those of 100%, but it is also quite common to find them of 50% or even 200% and in this case, on your gaming account you will find yourself in fact tripling the amount paid in deposit: to make an example we pay 50.00 bucks to get 200% more as a bonus, (or € 100.00) and we will have a total of 150.00 bucks on the account.

The conditions of the Casino Welcome Bonuses

One aspect to always keep in mind when evaluating the quality of a Casino Welcome Bonus is that inherent in its conditions, which however does not mean that they are always present.

Do you know the famous asterisks that lead to footnotes on the page? This is exactly what we are talking about: a bonus that is advertised in large letters could be subject to “small print” conditions that substantially change its shape and it is therefore very important to be sure of how things actually are.

What in particular are these conditions we are talking about? There are two kinds of them, the so-called Conditions of Use and those for liquidating bonuses, and now we are going to deepen them both.


It may seem trivial to you, but the fundamental rule to getting a signup bonus is to sign up.

And although it certainly sounds obvious, in reality, it is not: to obtain it, in fact, it is necessary to have all the credentials to register, and in this case, it is a literal necessity because in the absence of one or more documents necessary to proceed with the registration, the process will not be successful and the registration will be canceled.

Why is it necessary to submit documentation? Because the legal game, rightly and without alternatives, must be legal and legitimate also by the player, who is not only required to begin to demonstrate that he has reached the age of majority but who must also be recognized and recognizable both from the point of view tax (anti-money laundering regulations) and from a financial point of view, given that the gaming account will be connected to a personal payment system.

How to best use the Casino Welcome Bonus?

How to Use

What we can certainly consider the beauty of a Casino Welcome Bonus is its total flexibility in terms of use, especially when we are talking about a bonus that consists of an additional value that adds up to the total paid with the first deposit.

Let’s say we pay 50.00 bucks into our gaming account and enjoy a 100% Deposit Bonus so as to find ourselves a 100.00 bucks credit to have fun right away, what is the best way to take advantage of this opportunity?

It is normal that the first piece of advice we give you is to have fun, but there are also some others that we definitely consider wise to take into consideration:

Play it on games you love, but also games you wouldn’t otherwise experience
Use it to have fun, but also to learn “at the expense of the casino”
Use it as if it were your own money when you play, do not act in a rush
Don’t squander it right away, managing it intelligently will extend its benefits for a long time.

What games can the welcome bonus be used on?

If you are curious to know which games you can use your casino welcome bonus, the answer is “it depends “: it all depends on the policy of your online casino in terms of welcome bonuses and now we will explain better.

In truth, most of the time a welcome bonus allows you to play all the titles in the catalog in any section of the online casino, which clearly means maximum freedom possible in terms of choosing how to invest it, but in other cases ( which are objectively a minority) this is not the case.

Because? Because some online casinos can use their bonuses to promote some games or some providers in particular and therefore it may happen that the entry promotion becomes an incentive to discover them closely at no cost.

But do not worry, this not only happens rarely but happens more than anything else when the bonus is offered in the form of free spins: the deposit bonuses normally leave total freedom on how to be spent, while occasionally the free spins they have some limitations in terms of catalog being dedicated precisely to the promotion of titles or providers in particular.

Let’s really start with the basics, by defining, to begin with, what a Casino Welcome Bonus is, often referred to as an Entry Bonus.

This is the promotional form that online casinos offer to entice all players not yet registered on the platform to proceed with the registration, trying to achieve this goal through many possible forms all aimed at the same result: making it very convenient to register on a portal.

Having said that, it becomes very easy to understand why, when a player arrives on a new game portal, the first detail to be checked is this bonus.

Is it a decisive factor in the choice? Most of the time, yes, and this has been detected by large online casinos that in some moments have tried to eliminate entry promotions to increase the gaming ones available for all members: the result has been a significant drop in registrations exactly in those periods.

What are the different types of Casino Welcome Bonuses?

Types of Bonuses

As we have seen a little while ago, a Casino Welcome Bonus is more a concept, simply a promotional action aimed at making us feel as satisfied as possible with our choice, repaid with so much more convenience when playing.

This concept can be clearly interpreted in many ways, it is total creative freedom of an online casino to choose how to propose it, but we can make a distinction on which everything else depends: Welcome Bonus with Deposit and Welcome Bonus Without Deposit.

Curious to know what they mean? Just keep going.

Deposit Bonus

As the word itself says, the Welcome Bonus with Deposit is the kind of promotion to which you are entitled after having completely completed the registration procedure at an online casino, which clearly also implies the need to have made the first deposit.

Being a bonus released when the registration is complete, it goes without saying that this promotion will come to us in full form and ready to stand by us for the entire first period of activity.

What are the most common forms of No Deposit Bonuses?

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • Free Spins or Free Spins

No Deposit Bonus

In this case, we are talking about a bonus that arrives technically before the one described a little while ago, a promotion to which you have access only by registering on a portal and even before making the account opening payment.

Normally it consists of small amounts, but it has the great charm of allowing us to play and win immediately.

What are the main benefits of the No Deposit Bonus?

  • It allows you to play for free
  • It allows you to try a platform before investing any money
  • It allows you to start playing and not paying

Free spins can be given to players according to two requirements: without the need for a deposit at the time of registration or after first depositing a minimum amount into their account on the platform.

Free Spins with Deposit

Free Spins with Deposit are given to users after registering on the site and having made a deposit of a minimum amount on their account, which is usually 10 or 15 bucks.

With deposit is the offer that is given most by the online casino site.

The rollover varies from operator to operator, the free spins bonus is usually credited within 24 hours and almost always has an expiration date by which to play the welcome bonus, respecting the terms of the chosen casino.

One of the best casinos with free spins with a deposit.

Free Spins without Deposit

Another type of free spin is the No Deposit Free Spins bonus.

Not all casinos offer it, in fact, they are the minor part. The no deposit bonus is given upon registration and no payment and/or deposit is required to your account on the site.

Once you have met the wagering requirements, you can use free spins for free to play slots and get any winnings without ever using real money.

No deposit-free spins are given to new members. Since the rollover is high, the bonus will have to be played over several days and several times before withdrawing.

The best online casino with no deposit free spins is:

Free Spins Slot

Many slot machines in casinos offer free spins, but to get cash winnings with these free spins you need to know what the rollover requirements are, which is nothing more than the wagering requirement.

On which slot machines do casinos offer the freest spins promotions?

It is understood that the promotions given by gaming sites are valid for a certain period of time and, therefore, destined to expire, we have identified two very famous slot names to keep an eye on:

  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest

The first is very popular for those who often visit online casinos to play video slots, and is also available on the web in For Fun mode. In this case, those who play the video slot do it for fun and not to make a profit, since the aforementioned demo game mode is free.

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best-known titles in the world of video slots, and the casino that offers the most interesting offer on this NetEnt slot machine is Bwin.

Let’s see in detail what the wagering requirements are and what the winnings can also be obtained with free spins.


For slot machine lovers, the Starburst title is nothing new. This slot machine was programmed by one of the most important software houses in the sector, namely NetEnt.

It is one of the most popular games in the world, among the most played by those who visit online casinos. One of the strengths of this digital entertainment product is its RTP of 96.09%. This means that those who decide to spend a few hours of leisure playing with the aforementioned slot have the opportunity to obtain substantial income.

The gaming sites that offer the most affordable promotions on this game are:

The famous online casino LeoVegas gives out 25 free free spins with no deposit;

the NetBet bookmaker offers 100 free spins on the first deposit.

To access the aforementioned free promos, you must have an account on the best AAMS sites and have an active gaming account. At this point, the player will be able to access the reference section where he will find directions to get free spins with certain slots