Basic Online Blackjack Strategy & Tips

Blackjack delivers arguably the most sophisticated casino game on the planet, to gamers of every level – with the latest online games replicating the unique class and atmosphere of genuine Las Vegas and European casino venues. One of the major attractions of blackjack is its cool skill-responsiveness, and the associated chance to actually beat the dealer and get a real gaming edge. However – while Vegas pro’s may be able to crush the house at will, what about the standard recreational web gamer? Check out the simple tips to start playing strategy responsive blackjack.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Tips

Never hit an online blackjack table without a simple strategic approach – at least, not unless you want to let the casino take full advantage of their in-built edge! While many casual gamers get a little scared of the word strategy – there’s no need to with blackjack, because the basics are very simple and quick to learn. In fact, after a few sessions, you’ll be gaming with speed and getting significantly more intrinsic enjoyment from your gaming – not to mention slashing the casino’s advantage. There are two potential ways to lower the house advantage and boot your chances – quick start blackjack strategy or basic blackjack strategy:

Quick-start Blackjack Strategy

Ease 9/10

Speed 9/10

Results 5/10

The fast way for a novice blackjack gamer to test-run classic blackjack strategy is to implement the four pillars of good blackjack game-play. These four simple tips are predicted to limit the house edge to approximately 1.5% – significantly lower than house advantage when you simply try and beat the dealer with random gaming.

Instruction 1. Hit until you hold 17+ or soft 18, and the dealer has at least 7

Instruction 2. If the house up-card is 6<, hit until your combo scores 12+

Instruction 3. Double-wager if you hold 10 or 11 and the casino has a 9< Instruction 4. Split aces and 8’s only

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Ease 7/10

Speed 7/10

Results 8/10

The power of quick-start blackjack strategy can quickly be enhanced by using the classic ‘basic blackjack’ strategy – the statistical rules that are guaranteed to make the game respond more favourably. Strategy sheets are freely obtainable from many websites – so either print them off or write down the iconic rules. While basic strategy isn’t complex, it can take a little time to grasp, and longer to learn the skill from memory – at which point your gaming fun and results are likely to really take off. The correct application of basic blackjack strategy is considered to deliver a house edge of around 0.5% – taking you closer to beating the casino on a regular basis.

Blackjack Card Counting

If you harbour real aspirations of becoming a casino nightmare, then blackjack card counting is the ultimate hardcore gaming tool. The art of card counting fundamentally concerns scoring the pack, focussing on high (10s, jacks, queens, kings) and low cards (2 to 5). In a normal 6 deck blackjack game, a ratio of 6+ high:low cards indicates a basic advantage to the player over the dealer. Countless blackjack card counting strategies exist, but the potential of card counting is clear to see, and elements of the art can be used by casual gamers. For example, in a round where you hold 16 versus the dealer’s 10, basic strategy instructs you to Hit. However, if there is a player edge as indicated by basic card counting, then it may be advantageous to stand. Once you can apply basic blackjack strategy with ease – card counting has to be your next killer casino move.

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