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The High Noon machine is a standard 2 Coin slot with 3 Reels and a Single Payline across the middle of the machine. Based on the Wild West theme, the symbols on this machine are cherries, bars, 7’s wearing spurs, and Sherif badges. On the third reel is an extra, bonus symbol – the wild bullet. Landing the bullet symbol both completes a winning combination and unlocks the second “Double or Nothing” Bonus Screen. On the Bonus Screen, the player chooses a gunfighter. The gunfighters then square off, and the quickest draw wins. If you choose the winning gunfighter, you double your win. If you choose the losing gunfighter, you get nothing instead.

Reel Machines
The Silver Bullet online slot Reel machine This slot takes coins that range in size between The full play or max coin amount is 5 Coins. With a top payout of 10,000 Coins, high rollers can take home as much as in a single spin. There are 9 different pay lines on the machine, so winners came come from all directions. The symbols include both a scatter symbol (that doesn’t need to line up at the beginning of a row in order to be a winner) and a wild symbol, the sheriff’s badge.

Reel Slots
Coins sizes for the machine range from 50¢ to $10. With 9 pay lines, high rollers are able to wager up to on a single spin. The aren’t a lot of Seven Reel slot machines on the net. The Lucky 7 is one of them.
This machine has 7 pay lines, and it takes one coin to activate each of them. So it is a 7 Reel, 7 Coin slot. The symbols are covered in 7’s also, whether they are gold bars or casino chips. The coin sizes range from 50¢ to $10. High rollers can wager up to $70 a spin on this slot. The max payout on Lucky 7’s is a reasonable 2,500 coins. Usually, smaller max win machines can afford to award smaller wins to the players, making for longer play sessions.

Reel Slots
The Golden slot machine is one of the few online slots that use 9 Reels to show 9 symbols in a tic-tac-toe box design. This slot can be found at Slotland and can be played on pcs, Macs, and even by people using their WebTV. The machine has pay lines, across all rows and columns, and both diagonals. Each pay line can be played for as little as The Bell Fever machine mimics the popular line of Cherry Master stand-alone video slots you can find in land-based gaming establishments. The slot uses 9 Different Reels in the shape of a tic-tac-toe board. Winning combinations can be found across the rows, up and down the columns, or on either diagonal. There are also 3 different Bonus Combos that you can win by landing the same symbol in all four corners, landing bells in the bell pattern, or having all fruit symbols land. The coin sizes range from a nickel to a dollar. It costs one coin to activate each pay-line, so a “full play” costs 8 coins. Players can wager up to 5 coins on each pay line, so you can play max 40 coins per spin.
The reels fall one by one across the rows, from top to bottom, making it easy to see winning combinations develop.

The Jackpot Express machine is a good example of a 3 Reel multi-line slot machine. There are pay lines that run across all three rows and both diagonals. Each pay line takes one coin to activate, so the machine takes five coins for a full play. The coins can range in size between a quarter and five dollars.
The Jackpot Express uses symbols like Bars and Sevens but also includes a Wild Symbol to help make completing those winning combinations easier. Cool Buck is another multi-line 3 Reel slot machine that you can find online. The Cool Buck has five different pay lines and takes up to five coins that range in size. The max payout on the machine is 6,000 coins. Besides the traditional symbols on the machine, such as Bars, Cherries, and Sevens, the Cool Buck has a wild symbol that can be used to complete winning combinations on any pay line.

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