Casino Security and Reliability

Many different factors affect the reliability of a casino. However, it goes without saying that security wants a casino to be top notch, and that is perhaps the most important thing about a casino. When we write a casino review, security is paramount information, and we check for you that all key security criteria are met. In fact, all the casinos we review are reliable and secure, Guaranteed does not recommend suspicious sites to players where there is a risk of being scammed.

A lot of security is said about the license already granted to the casino, as it guarantees that the site meets the strict requirements set by the licencor for it. It also makes the operation of the site supervised, meaning that it is supervised by an authority. Of course, the license alone does not fully guarantee the security of the site. In addition, you should check that the online casino has the necessary SSL encryption. Encryption ensures that, for example, customers’ personal and banking information remains completely confidential. There may be other security criteria, such as double authentication, which makes it difficult to access your account.

The fact that the casino is well known also speaks volumes about its reliability. You can also look for other small tips on reliability between the lines. These are, of course, things that we at do not miss. In a casino review, we always clearly state what money transfer methods can be found at that casino, as well as other important aspects about money transfers. When observing money transfer methods, you should at least make sure that you find your favorite among them. However, a quality casino offers a wide variety of payment methods, among which it is easy to find your favorite. The most traditional deposit method is probably a credit card, but there are many other deposit methods available today.

Bank transfers can still be found at many online casinos, but their popularity is being eaten by Trustly. Trustly allows you to make deposits securely from your own online bank, so that withdrawals can be made directly to a bank account in a few minutes. While money transfer methods are important, you should also pay attention to minimum deposits and withdrawals. If the minimum deposit is even 50 euros, it can be a little annoying. Deposits are invariably free, but even a high quality casino may charge a small fee for withdrawals. It can be in the order of a few euros or even a percentage payment on repatriation.

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