What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

Let’s really start with the basics, by defining, to begin with, what a Casino Welcome Bonus is, often referred to as an Entry Bonus.

This is the promotional form that online casinos offer to entice all players not yet registered on the platform to proceed with the registration, trying to achieve this goal through many possible forms all aimed at the same result: making it very convenient to register on a portal.

Having said that, it becomes very easy to understand why, when a player arrives on a new game portal, the first detail to be checked is this bonus.

Is it a decisive factor in the choice? Most of the time, yes, and this has been detected by large online casinos that in some moments have tried to eliminate entry promotions to increase the gaming ones available for all members: the result has been a significant drop in registrations exactly in those periods.

What are the different types of Casino Welcome Bonuses?

Types of Bonuses

As we have seen a little while ago, a Casino Welcome Bonus is more a concept, simply a promotional action aimed at making us feel as satisfied as possible with our choice, repaid with so much more convenience when playing.

This concept can be clearly interpreted in many ways, it is total creative freedom of an online casino to choose how to propose it, but we can make a distinction on which everything else depends: Welcome Bonus with Deposit and Welcome Bonus Without Deposit.

Curious to know what they mean? Just keep going.

Deposit Bonus

As the word itself says, the Welcome Bonus with Deposit is the kind of promotion to which you are entitled after having completely completed the registration procedure at an online casino, which clearly also implies the need to have made the first deposit.

Being a bonus released when the registration is complete, it goes without saying that this promotion will come to us in full form and ready to stand by us for the entire first period of activity.

What are the most common forms of No Deposit Bonuses?

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • Free Spins or Free Spins

No Deposit Bonus

In this case, we are talking about a bonus that arrives technically before the one described a little while ago, a promotion to which you have access only by registering on a portal and even before making the account opening payment.

Normally it consists of small amounts, but it has the great charm of allowing us to play and win immediately.

What are the main benefits of the No Deposit Bonus?

  • It allows you to play for free
  • It allows you to try a platform before investing any money
  • It allows you to start playing and not paying
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