Different Types of Bonuses

There is much more to bonuses than you might think at first glance. There are several different types of bonuses that work differently and have their unique benefits. Here we will introduce you to the various bonuses you can meet to make it as easy as possible for you. There are, for example, bonuses issued in the form of special events such as poker tournaments, but here the terms and bonuses will often vary greatly so these are better to look at individually when the poker site you use has such going.

Deposit Bonus- Deposit bonuses are simple and easy that you get a poker bonus when you make a deposit to the poker site. This can be in the form of Match Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses as mentioned below, but it can also be a specific amount. You would like to see on the deposit page or in the offer how to proceed to get the bonus with your deposit, but you can always check with customer service should you have any questions. It is best to get help before you make the deposit so that you do not miss the bonus.

Match bonus- Match bonuses are very popular and they are often offered to new and loyal players. Here you will receive a poker bonus that matches your deposit. There is usually a minimum amount you must deposit to receive it, but also a maximum amount for how much bonus you can receive. Say that you make a deposit of 200 and you will receive 200 in bonus and a total of 400 you can play for. It also happens that this bonus is not paid out once the payment has been made. Here there is often a requirement that you must have played a certain number of hands or collected a given number of player points before the bonus is redeemed.

Reload bonus- This is a type of poker bonus you can be offered when you have played for a while in the poker room or in connection with making a deposit to your gaming account. Here, as with the match bonus, this poker bonus will be a bonus that matches your deposit, but often this is less than welcome bonuses. Another similarity with the Match bonus is that here you also have to play a certain number of hands before you get the bonus itself.

Welcome Bonuses- This is a poker bonus that almost all sites offer, but the one you rarely get to use as it applies once per new player. You receive these by registering with a new site and can have different sizes and can be different types of bonuses. To your advantage, these do not always require you to make a deposit, but in such cases you must also assume that the sums in question are also usually smaller bonuses.

Referral bonuses – you will also see these bonuses are called Refer a friend or refer a friend and the bonus is just that. If you recommend a friend to sign up, you get a bonus. Terms here often require that those you recruit register and in some cases also that they make a deposit. In some cases, those you recruit will receive an extra bonus in addition to the welcome bonus so that it pays off for both you who recruit, and for those who are recruited.

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