Free Play Money

Free play money is available at several different casinos as a casino bonus. These bonuses are usually only available to new casino players and require registration with the casino to use them. Such a casino bonus usually means that on the first deposit, the player receives a certain amount of free play money. The value of the bonus often depends on how much money a player deposits into their game account. There may be up to several hundred percent bonuses up to a certain amount. For example, a 100% bonus up to € 200 means that with a deposit of € 200, the player gets another € 200 in completely free play money. All online casinos however, set some conditions for receiving free bonus money, so you should read the rules carefully to avoid any ambiguity.

In particular, some new casinos are offering their players new types of bonuses. However, there have not yet been any significant offers where the casino would provide free play money without deposit and redemption. Generally, free play money is available for around € 10 to € 20, but this money, as well as the winnings earned from it, should usually be recycled according to the rules before it can be cashed out. Admittedly, the online casino is already very close to the recycling freedom, because by running its Wheel of you can win money for which there are no recycling requirements. Most other casinos always have wagering requirements attached to free play money. Instead of play money, a viable option is to take free play money in the form of free spins. In some casinos, these spins are available with no recycling requirements.

Most typically, free play money is offered in the form of free spins. These, too, often involve rules and wagering requirements, but it’s easier to find free spins with no wagering requirements than to free play money that doesn’t need to be wagered. Free spins add flexibility. They are usually offered in a certain amount per day and once they are played, you can continue to play for your own money. Also, non sticky bonuses will bring more gaming comfort . The term means that your own deposits and bonus money are separate from each other. The player first uses the funds he has deposited himself and these, as well as the winnings obtained with them, can be repatriated freely. Once the own funds have been used, the player switches to using the bonus money, for which the wagering conditions must be met before withdrawal.

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