Free spins at gaming without a break

In this way, the state tries to help players not to be tempted to gamble more than they can afford, not to be lured into a destructive spiral that leads to gambling addiction. At all online casinos that have a gaming license, you must always have a direct link to a gaming break. During a game break, the player can pause all opportunities for games on casino sites and they should also not receive direct advertising about casino games sent to them.You can choose to pause the game for one month, three months and for six months. When that time has elapsed, you will automatically be able to play again. But if you choose the longest, 12 months, you must end the break yourself if you want to play again. But it can not be done within the year in which you took a break. If the game break does not end, it is not possible to play at casinos ever.

However, it is possible to get around this by playing at casinos that do not have a gaming license. Most have either a gaming license from Malta, or all three. There are some other countries that also issue licenses, but it is rare that you will come across these as there are not so many casinos that solve these without also having a casino license. With these licenses, the casino can offer which and how many bonuses you want. It is also not regulated how much you can gamble for without showing proof that it is their rightful money. An example of a bonus is a welcome bonus of 100% on deposits up to 100 Euro and 150 free spins.

Some casinos have chosen to call it cash spins. This is a more fair expression as it requires you to first deposit money into your gaming account to take advantage of the bonus. Sometimes cash spins include a wagering requirement, but not always. So it is good to read the terms and conditions before transferring money so that you know what to expect. Sometimes it is also the case that those who play regularly or for larger sums are still offered bonuses. Then it can be anything from extra money to play for, free spins and in some extreme cases you can be offered dinners or real trips. All for you as a player to feel welcome and appreciated as a customer. Some take advantage of this and take advantage of the bonus offer and hope to make a profit and then change casinos to do it again and in a way make a profit. Others choose to stay and feel part of the casino.

Finding a casino without a license and with offers of free spins is no problem, there is nothing illegal about playing on these so it is possible to use the usual paths. There are also sites that compile casinos with licenses from other countries. There are a few different free spins to get and different ways to earn them. At the casinos that offer welcome bonuses, it is usually in the form of cash to play for or free spins. Welcome free spins can look a little different. Many casinos offer to give out bonuses as you play. Sometimes it is because you have played for a number of hours, but most often you are offered bonuses that are related to how much you have played for. Often it can be in the form of tokens that can be used to buy things, sometimes it is cash to play for or free spins.

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