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What do you think of when you hear the word casino many people probably associate the word with and all the large and world-famous gaming halls that are there. One thinks of roulette, slot machines and other forms of gambling that occur in a casino. Someone might see a room with dim lighting where a bunch of players with rolled-up shirt sleeves sit and play poker while the tobacco smoke lies like a dense fog over the room. Still others may see monaco or monte carlo for their inner vision where james bond sits at a roulette table and participates in the game while at the same time keeping a watchful eye on the villains moving around the room.

All this is true and certain. We each have our own inner image of what a casino is for something. No one is more right than anyone else in this. The word casino itself comes from the casa which means house. Casino actually means more correctly a small villa in the sense that it is located in the countryside. Gradually, the meaning of the word has changed to include the meaning of a house where you can entertain yourself with others. Today, this meaning has completely taken over the meaning of the word casino.

The history of gambling, however, goes much further back in time than that. We humans have always had an incurable delight in playing. As long as there have been humans on this planet, there has been gambling and gambling in various forms. Gambling in a more organized casino-like form has at least been traced all the way back to china sometime in that is, more than years ago the thought is dizzying.

In the first casino gaming hall appeared in the term casino was not yet invented, so the place went by the name until it was closed more than years later. But gambling has never been able to stop. We humans are players by nature, whether we want to acknowledge this fact for ourselves or not. In america, the so-called saloons became natural places to play where you could have a drink and talk to others at the same time.

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