Live casino bonuses and promotions.

Several casinos offer generous sign-up bonuses as well as loyalty programs. These often include deposit bonuses, cashback, and other useful features. Also, some casinos run special seasonal promotions as well as exciting LIVE casino tournaments where you can win big prizes.

The slower pace of play

Live casino is a casino game thing that can be considered the main disadvantage of Live casino is the speed of the game. Because it is played by several people at once, the game is slower. Live Casino You play with other casino players from around the world. The live dealer will deal with the cards and complete all the moves of the players, which significantly prolongs the course of the game. 

High-speed internet required

The speed of the game is also strongly influenced by your internet speed. If you play live casino games from a mobile phone, remember that you must be connected to the Internet or WiFi at all times, and the signal must be strong enough for you to watch high-quality live video broadcasts. To fully enjoy the live casino live, make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough.

Limited choice of games

Another disadvantage of Live Casino is that although the most popular table games are offered, their variety and range of games cannot be compared to the selection of online slot machines and table games. Live casinos mostly offer roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

Fortunately, gaming companies are starting to offer more and more games, giving players an increasingly diverse Live Casino offering. One of the innovative solutions is BetGames or special Live betting games offered by Evolution Gaming.

Top LIVE casino developers

LIVE Casino is one of the latest innovations in the online casino industry and has paved the way for new companies to grow rapidly and become leaders. So let’s briefly describe the three most popular LIVE casino developers that provide services to most online casino sites.

Before that, we want to mention what LIVE casino developers do and why it is important to choose services from the quality and well-known brands. Like the developers of slot machines or other online casino games, LIVE casino companies develop game software and provide technical support. In turn, LIVE casino is also unique in that these companies also include trained and professional dealers and croupiers who run casino games live. These are the most popular and well-known brands.


This Swedish company is the world’s largest developer of online casino software and services. Founded in 2006, it has grown to 10,000 employees worldwide over the years. Most online casinos offer direct Evolution games, and the most popular are LIVE Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Poker, and more. Evolution stands out with professional game drivers and high video quality on both PC and mobile devices.

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