The 3 Most Difficult Decisions to Make in Blackjack

Straightforward as Blackjack may be, the scenarios that arise, and the action you need to undertake, can get very intricate. Couple that with the pressure of competing with a lot of players, and it can be paralyzing. Here are some of the hardest situations you’ll face, and your options.

Should I Split My Hand

This is a dilemma that a lot of players, particularly the new ones face. The reason is that if you are holding, say an 88, it can be hard to let go of it, as the odds seem to indicate you might win. However, most seasoned players will opt to split this hand.

The reason is that a 16 can be a tricky hand, and while most will be inclined to draw, the odds are you will likely bust; standing, on the other hand, might result in a loss if the casino dealer draws and makes a higher hand. By splitting, you not only solve this dilemma but also give yourself two opportunities to win, as an 8 paired with any other hand is quite strong.

What should I do with a hard 17

The short answer is to stand. The reason is that the odds of getting the low cards are remote. Even if the Blackjack dealer is showing you a 7 or higher, and has to draw again, you mustn’t be tempted to try and get another card. The situation is different with a soft 17 of course; in this case, you should always draw. So when it comes to a hard 17 in Blackjack, it’s best to make a stand.

Do I Stand with a 15 in Blackjack

It depends on the situation. If the dealer’s up card is anything below 6, you should stand; if the card is 7 and above, you may think about drawing. But if it is a 6, the situation becomes more complex.You can make a draw, but that could be a bad Blackjack strategy because you could bust. Most would instead opt to stand. If you do that, the dealer will have to draw.

If she has a ten to go along with the six then you are in a good position. In a lot of live casinos, the dealer will have to draw until she gets to 17, tilting the odds even more so in your favor. Of course, in the end, the decision that will be made at the Blackjack table will be up to you. However, by being informed of the facts, and how most players respond, you are now in a better position to render the judgment you think is best for you.

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