What Conditions Are Required to Enjoy a Membership Bonus?


It may seem trivial to you, but the fundamental rule to getting a signup bonus is to sign up.

And although it certainly sounds obvious, in reality, it is not: to obtain it, in fact, it is necessary to have all the credentials to register, and in this case, it is a literal necessity because in the absence of one or more documents necessary to proceed with the registration, the process will not be successful and the registration will be canceled.

Why is it necessary to submit documentation? Because the legal game, rightly and without alternatives, must be legal and legitimate also by the player, who is not only required to begin to demonstrate that he has reached the age of majority but who must also be recognized and recognizable both from the point of view tax (anti-money laundering regulations) and from a financial point of view, given that the gaming account will be connected to a personal payment system.

How to best use the Casino Welcome Bonus?

How to Use

What we can certainly consider the beauty of a Casino Welcome Bonus is its total flexibility in terms of use, especially when we are talking about a bonus that consists of an additional value that adds up to the total paid with the first deposit.

Let’s say we pay 50.00 bucks into our gaming account and enjoy a 100% Deposit Bonus so as to find ourselves a 100.00 bucks credit to have fun right away, what is the best way to take advantage of this opportunity?

It is normal that the first piece of advice we give you is to have fun, but there are also some others that we definitely consider wise to take into consideration:

Play it on games you love, but also games you wouldn’t otherwise experience
Use it to have fun, but also to learn “at the expense of the casino”
Use it as if it were your own money when you play, do not act in a rush
Don’t squander it right away, managing it intelligently will extend its benefits for a long time.

What games can the welcome bonus be used on?

If you are curious to know which games you can use your casino welcome bonus, the answer is “it depends “: it all depends on the policy of your online casino in terms of welcome bonuses and now we will explain better.

In truth, most of the time a welcome bonus allows you to play all the titles in the catalog in any section of the online casino, which clearly means maximum freedom possible in terms of choosing how to invest it, but in other cases ( which are objectively a minority) this is not the case.

Because? Because some online casinos can use their bonuses to promote some games or some providers in particular and therefore it may happen that the entry promotion becomes an incentive to discover them closely at no cost.

But do not worry, this not only happens rarely but happens more than anything else when the bonus is offered in the form of free spins: the deposit bonuses normally leave total freedom on how to be spent, while occasionally the free spins they have some limitations in terms of catalog being dedicated precisely to the promotion of titles or providers in particular.

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