Novelty Facts about Slot Machines That Newbies Should Know

The casino floors where the slot machines are lined up are always filled with casino players. Slot gamblers have notably tried playing the casino slot machine at least once in all their visits to a casino establishment. The majority of gamblers find the greatest impact of finding slot machines as good entertainment that they keep coming back to play this one-arm bandit game. In a newbie’s first visit to the casino, the ringing sound of slots and the exciting gasps and enthusiasms of the slot players certainly are eye-catching activities inside the casino. As newbie slot players, there are simple facts they would like to know about slot machines. Most often they can hear gamblers talk about the hold percentage in slots otherwise known as the casino house advantage.

This reflects the percentage of the amount spent by slot players for playing the machine that the casino gets to keep as profit. On average, the hold percentage falls between 3% and 15% in land casino slots and only about 1% to 10% in online slots. This means that playing online slots can be more beneficial than its land counterpart as the payout can be higher with a lower hold percentage.

The reels are the spinning cylindrical parts of the slot machine that display all the slot symbols. The traditional slot machines only have three reels but modern slot machines are now available with multiple reels of more than three.

Slot machines with more reels involve several permutations of combinations that will hit the single slot pay line. This means that playing in a single-pay line slot machine with multiple reels will reduce the player’s chance of hitting the jackpot combo. However, with more numbers of pay lines and symbols on the newer generation of slot machines, slot players are now provided with greater opportunities to hit winning.

A newbie slot player may be wondering how the slot machine gets its term of being described as a one-arm bandit. This term originated from a single pull lever (one arm) on a slot machine and the bandit word sprouted from the fact that slot machines before were rigged not to give a payout.

Slot machines have a pay cycle which is the period of time that the slot machine takes the overall minimum bet to give a payout. Slot machine software is programmed in a manner that it meets the minimum payout schedule imposed by State law where the casino operates.

The attractive elements in a slot machine are the different symbols that come in different images or graphics that are printed on the reels. The first slot machine symbols are commonly pictures of fruits hence slot machines are also called fruit machines. The playing slot machine is not only fun but can also win a gambler a progressive jackpot. The payout is considerably higher but an absolute requirement will be for slot players to play for the maximum coins.

Newbie slot players may find it interesting of knowing these novelty facts about slot machines which can make them more eager to play this interesting casino game of spinning chance.

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