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Card games are the most popular games played in casinos and online casinos, and blackjack is one of them. Blackjack is a simple game to play and at the same time is really exciting and fun. The basic rule of the game is that the player must hit 2 points or as close as possible before the house does in order to win. If by chance you go over points, well you’re a loser for sure. But that’s ok because you might have better luck in the next game. But what if it’s not all about luck? Have you ever wondered what your odds are when you’re playing blackjack? What should you’re expectations be when you play this game? This is exactly what we tried to find out.

In order to understand better the odds in gambling and/or online gambling, here is a simple example of odds in the case of roulette. The odds in the case of roulette, the odds against you to be specific, are standard for each bet you place on the board; and the house edge is 5,26 %, meaning that the casino wins 5,26 % more bets than they lose. Are you confused with our example, well don’t be, it’s just math, simple math and it applies to any online gambling game. Casinos have evaluated house edge in different ways, in an attempt to confuse the players. And if you are a real gambler you must have heard terms like house edge, return percentage, vig (the vigorish), or hold. They mean almost the same thing.

The house edge. I know what you will say, what is this? House edge is actually a theoretical number, and it is calculated by the computer in given circumstances, not based on real-world experience. It is good for players to know the house edge, you will understand how and most important why blackjack has a clear advantage for players. Let’s take things simpler. Let’s say you are ready for a game of blackjack. You choose a table that plays with decks of cards for example. You must know that in 6 decks of cards, you will have exactly 96 cards of ten. There are cards in the game. Let’s say that there are other 4 players in the game with you. The dealer gives the cards. Let’s go on, and say, hypothetical of course, that all players received rather small cards and a deuce up for the dealer. Every player takes next a small card again. Your turn comes up. The first hand was an 8 and a 4 and your second one is an and a. Until now you must know that cards have been dealt, but the tens have not appeared yet. The question is what is the best way to play your hands?

You have two options: you can stick to the basic strategy, meaning you will hit with your hands, and after that double with the other hand, Or you can save the eventual for the hands and stand on the hands. You must know that at this point a card can come up at any minute. And what are exactly the chances? It’s simple, do the math. When the cards that have been shuffled were put in the shoe, exactly % of them were 10 cards. So the chances of hitting a 10 at the next card are. But after the first cards were dealt, things stand a little different. Now your chances of hitting a ten grow.

I hope you are starting to understand the odds in blackjack. And you must know by now that it’s not such a complicated thing to calculate your odds. Now let’s get back to our little demonstration. You’ve seen your odds before and after the first round of cards. By this time you are really sure that the next card might be a ten, and if it’s not, you’re wondering what are the chances of dealing 18 cards, and no ten appeared yet. What are the odds of that? Exactly to against, before dealing the first card. This is how you should think about your odds in blackjack. Do not be hasty and take your decisions carefully during the game. Observe the cards, don’t just assume that the next card is certainly the one that you need to make or a good combination. Play your hands wisely.

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