Online Casino Guide for Newcomers

One must become a part of online casino world in order to successfully participate in it, and as it is always wiser to learn from someone else’s mistakes than one’s own we have collect some interesting thinking material that’s probably understood by all online gambling veterans but might take some figuring out on your first day.

The single most important thing to understand about online casino is that all casino games are carefully designed and precisely balanced so as to provide the gamblers with real and fair chance to win while cutting out any possibility of cheating or creating a scheme that will give a particular player an advantage over the online casino or other players. The games are designed to protect the fairness and the entertainment of the player and not facilitate abuse on casino’s part like media loves to paint it. If such thing was possible on either the player or the casino side it would have been exploited by someone sooner or later and the entire industry of gambling would collapse in a matter of days if not hours. There are three commandments that we would like to prescribe to our newcomers. Getting familiar with them through reading on this site instead of figuring them out on your own expense will save you a lot of headache!

Understand the casino. The online casinos are not out to rip you off. Because of the nature of online casino games the net margins in an online casino are very low. Absolute majority of money that goes through a casino returns back to the players. Any businessman will understand that in order to sustain itself in competitive and scrutinized conditions of online casino business world any online casino that plans to stay afloat for any serious period of time will be forced to play fair. The competition in the online gambling world is raging and the scrutiny of peer review is scrupulous and unforgiving. Indeed an online casino can not serve you drinks and unfortunate mistakes do happen from time to time but it can be safely said that the online gambling industry is one of the cleanest and tightest entertainment industries in the world despite everyone’s (read: governments’, religious fanatics, moralists and misinformed people) attempts to shoot it down. The choice is so vast and the players are so well informed that one mistake might lead to total collapse and demise of an online casino business. Understanding a little bit about how the online casino works on the inside is essential to enable you as the player to make right choices. We suggest you to take a quick look at How casino bets work and How House Edge works pages for minimal knowledge about how casino payouts and audits work.

Understand the basics. All online casino games have the same underlying principles: odds, rules and bets. As bets are basically the single most important thing in any casino games no player can afford to try and play the game without understanding what are casino bets exactly. Odds vary from game to game and are often described in the game rules. Rules for all online casino games are always available. Don’t enter a game without fully understanding its rules and limitations – especially that online casinos provide you with free games where you can sharpen your skills before going into “real” Internet gambling world. If you have doubts about any particular rule or bet never hesitate to open the online help and check. All games have different betting tables; you must get acquainted with those you play at as sometimes they might look somewhat nontrivial to a new player. Casino can’t afford to make mistakes because it will lose customers; you should not make mistakes either as you might lose your money. However don’t let this warning scare you: everything game related is rather easy and you will memorize it without any problem.

The gamblers also have their own slang with which we’re sure you’ll catch up quickly. We are compiling a glossary of gambling terms for your convenience which will be made available for free on this web site. Our article archive also contains a detailed explanation on the house edge which is an important factor in understanding the games, the odds and the bets.

Understand the specifics. All games differ. Some games are centered around bets and some are centered around gameplay: in Blackjack you take decisions about how to proceed with the game but in Roulette you only take decisions about how to bet. Knowing about odds, payouts for particular bets and special moves is literally the best weapon a player has at his or her hand. Strategies and catches are not something that is written in rules and manuals! While there is a lot of free advice and strategy tips on the net you should be expecting that not everyone is as knowledgeable and credible as they claim so take online advice with a grain of salt. Some hints that are perfectly valid for land casino games might be absolutely unsuitable for online casino games due to specifics of online play. Sometimes what you really need to do is sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and make some calculations. All the annoying high school statistics can come very handy indeed!

Be cautious about people and schemes that provide “safe”, “guaranteed” and “instant” methods of profit in the casinos. None of them can deliver you results that will make you a more successful player than you could be if you were to study the games and interact with other players. As we said above creating guaranteed method of winning is impossible; and if it was possible why would people want to share it with anybody? So next time you see that $140 “premium package” be very skeptical about its contents!

Another thing that we unfortunately have to refer to is spam. Online casinos extensively use affiliate programs to encourage third party webmasters to advertise their business. An affiliate agreement (which is a legally binding contract) of any serious online casino will clearly state that spam in any form or manner will not be tolerated. Unfortunately what affiliates do behind the scenes is not under the casino’s control. Spam is profitable, yes, but it is also stupid and damages precious reputation not only of an online casino or two but of the entire industry. Spam is as much our problem as it is everyone else’s and we wish to take no participation in parasitic practices of furthering it. If you have received a spam email advertising an online casino, do not hesitate to report it. A reputable online casino will not only refuse to use spam as a marketing tool themselves but will investigate spam complaints against its affiliates and terminate the guilty affiliate accounts. If you know that an online casino is spamming deliberately, don’t support their business and make sure you have informed them about why did they just lose a customer. The chance that they don’t know what they’re doing is pretty low but to educate even one clueless spammer and take down a junk operation off the Internet’s back is a great victory for all Internet citizens.

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