A Tour of an Online Poker School

Poker is said to be the most popular card amusement game not only in the US but in the world. Online poker is responsible in a large sense for its global popularity. In fact, some people make a career out of it and actually attend online school to learn and master online poker. Online poker schools teach and train students to prepare them for the actual game.

There are online poker schools for free. Some require fees or software or ebooks or downloads for sale. For free online poker schools, the most one can expect are basic poker and some advanced poker tactics. But to be sure, after an online poker school session, poker skills will have been honed to average playing skills.

For sure, online poker schools will deal first with poker rules, according to poker types, and winning card combinations. After poker rules come basic strategies and some tips. Oftentimes, with these also comes to the study of poker lingos used in online poker and traditional poker.

Next probably will be poker table rules or etiquette which are very important for orderly poker play (even online poker), and probably online poker schools would throw in some tips on what table or room to join when playing online poker. Some online poker schools teach what is called “card stats.”

This is a lesson on how to analyze starting poker cards categorized as follows: suited cards, connected cards, suited connected cards, and paired cards, among others. This has to do with the weighing of dealt cards. Online poker schools may also deal with online poker tournaments (which are highly spectacular, as it often is global), their rules and some relevant added information, and their structure.

Most online poker schools would deal with Texas Hold’em. It is the most played and popular poker game, online or traditional. They may teach Texas hold’em basic terminologies and hand nicknames. Some online poker sites may be introduced or recommended. Basic Multi Table may also be taught, as well as basics in Sit and Go tournaments, Omaha poker, five-card draw, low-limit Texas, and other advanced strategies.

Some online poker schools may even add the following as bonuses: 7-card stud, 7-card stud (hi/lo), Omaha (hi/lo), and the use of EV stats (Expected Value Statistics). Online poker schools offer instant play where a student can try skills at any time to see how far the schooling has gone. Online poker schools are helpful guides for first-time players who want a realistic and professional approach.

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