How to Get an Overview of the New Online Casinos

We want to allow our users to always have an updated view of the offers of new online gaming sites.

Yes, because the birth of new online casinos very often means really tempting proposals that it becomes difficult to give up to try to challenge luck.

In fact, every new online casino needs to make itself known and win the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts, emerging from the crowd with inviting offers and bonuses.

At the same time, however, even the online sites already present must try to counter this phenomenon, extending their promotions, keeping old players tied to themselves, and always trying to conquer new ones.

We could therefore say that the arrival of new online gaming houses has a double advantage since it also gives life to that competition translates into greater benefits for each user.

This is why we believe it is important to offer a complete overview, which includes, in addition to each new online casino, also the constant updating of the promotions of the gambling halls that have been operating in the online gaming sector for some time.

How a safe online casino is born

First, let’s try to analyze how a new online casino is born.

Periodically, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, also known by the acronym AAMS, issues new authorizations to gaming houses that request them and demonstrate that they possess the necessary requirements for online gaming

In fact, authorization is an indispensable element to being able to operate legally on the network.

Before releasing it, AAMS carries out some checks, aimed at guaranteeing each user the safety of being in a gaming environment that complies with all legal requirements (control of software with certified payouts, the commitment of the bookmaker to the promotion of responsible gaming, and methods safe and guaranteed payment of winnings).

Once the authorization has been issued, the casino is subsequently subjected to constant checks over time, so it not only offers the security of being on an online gaming site that was in possession of the requirements to be able to start operating online but guarantees to each user the opportunity to play online in a casino that still maintains that initial level.

For us these are fundamental elements, so on our portal, there are only and exclusively safe online casinos with AAMS authorization.

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