Play Online Blackjack 21

Mention blackjack to any Vegas casino boss and you’ll get a nervous look that stems from the game’s legendary status as the golden game that’s taken more cash from the jaws of the casinos, than any other game on the planet! In fact you only need to watch movies like ‘21′ to know the score! The good news is online blackjack arenas deliver 3D games capes that replicate the vibe of the Neon City. Checkout the kudos of online blackjack when it comes to playability, super-features, skill-play and bonus potential.

Online blackjack, just like the ‘real thing’ comes complete with a simple aim and rules meaning every level of gamer can enjoy the game with a real Vegas swagger. Essentially, the blackjack basics are to beat the dealer by crafting a hand with a score as close to 21 as you can without busting and wiping out the round! Gamers have the power to Hit for another card, or Stand against the house to compare combos. Played on cool 3D gaming environments, with genuine shuffling and authentic gaming speed settling down to the high-end blackjack games is a real pleasure, whether you’re there for fun or hardcore gaming!

Super Features
Blackjack gaming is enhanced and powered-up by cool side betting features the same ones that have brought terror to the casino floor of Las Vegas for decades! The moves you need to master are the double-down, split, and insurance wager and doing so can bring immense intrinsic fun and boost winning hands with handsome rewards.

Double-down – Hit the dealer by playing the double-down wager, after analysing the initial 2 card draw. Doubling down increases the initial bet by 100%, delivers one more card and prompts you to stand and face the dealer. Naturally, double the liability means serious payout potential, coupled with exhilarating risk!

Split – Similar to the blackjack double-down, splitting a pair creates two separate hands and wagers, for a double chance to win and lose. Splits give you the cool advantage of one hand losing, but you still being able to beat the dealer with the other hand.

Insurance – Taking insurance is an awesome way for online blackjack players to protect themselves against the prospect of the dealer hitting blackjack. In fact, you can actually receive a 2:1 payout when they do! Insurance is the clever casino players secret weapon.

Skill Kudos
In the casinos of Las Vegas, blackjack is the ultimate skill games, delivering the chance to count cards to analyse the pack and create devastatingly effective pivot points the time when the player’s edge can be used to hit the casino with serious bets. While it is possible to use card counting online, it’s considered difficult, and most gamers are advised to start by playing with strategic rules, such as the easy but effective double down system:

When to place a double-down bet?

  1. The dealer’s visible card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand is 10 or 11
  2. The casino’s visible card is between 3 and 6 and your hand contains an Ace and a numbered card

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