Safe Online Casinos

There are hundreds of casinos on the internet, but not all of them are safe. Online casinos can only be considered safe if they offer a whole series of certifications that guarantee the regularity of the games and the safety of money transactions. Even for less experienced players, it has become easier to distinguish a reliable casino from one that is not thanks to the fact that any casino that wants to operate in our country legally must be authorized by AAMS, that is, by the State Monopolies. Here you can immediately find the list of some of the best legal and safe online casinos, which in addition to being the utmost in reliability can offer the best games available for graphics and variety.

The best bonuses and promotions, and excellent customer support. If you want to deepen these talks, you can do it after the list of the best rooms. The first feature that a reliable and legal casino must have is to have a gambling license provided by the AAMS. AAMS stands for Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies and is the public body that manages and regulates gambling in our nation, both online and in the territory, and for all games, from lotteries and scratch cards to poker and sport bets. The regularization of casino games, while in previous years other games such as Skill Games and Poker had already been legalized.

Since that time it has become extremely easier for Italian players to distinguish a safe online casino. In fact, a legal online casino must have the AAMS logo and the concession number received for the license clearly visible throughout the site . If you do not find these features even at the bottom of the homepage, be seriously wary of the room you are in and change your choice. In addition to the references to the AAMS, another recognition factor of a secure site is the extension of the .it domain , while the foreign casinos without a license usually have the .com otherwise they would be immediately closed by the State Monopolies.

Of course .com casinos can be safe too, but calculate that the most serious and respectable brands in the industry have been granted state licenses for years and will have to let you play on the Italian version due to legal obligations. They may also have remained honest casinos that have decided not to obtain a license and continue to operate outside but consider that in this case you will have to be informed and distinguish them among the hundreds of casinos that instead have a dubious reputation. In fact, in many foreign countries you can still open an online casino without providing certifications or guarantees and therefore no one can assure you that the games will be regular and that you will be paid any winnings that you will eventually make. And there will be no one you can complain to afterwards who will protect your rights.

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