Slot Games Definitions – Terms That Could Win You a Jackpot


Slot machines are also called the “one-armed bandits,” just for their look and their ability to leave the players without any money. Basic knowledge of the slot games definitions is a must for playing slot machine games. If you play without the necessary skills and knowledge, you cannot win a thing.

Top Prize

Top prize refers to the top payout of a non-progressive slot while playing for maximum coins.

Tight Machine

A tight machine is the complete opposite of a loose slot machine. A tight machine will have a lower payout percentage when compared to the other slot machines having similar denominations.

Payout Percentage or Return Percentage

Casinos often talk about the payout percentage. It is the percentage of money that returns back to the player after the game. It does not signify that you will get $98 out of $100. In the long run, after playing for man-hours in that particular machine, by many slot machine players, the slot machine will return 98% of what was paid. It is a general rule that the slot machine will have a greater payout percentage when the denomination of the machine is higher.


Reels are cylindrical spinning objects where the slot’s symbols are displayed. Most of the slot machines will have three reels, but there are slot machines with two, four, or more reels. If you play at a slot machine with a single jackpot line and a large number of reels, there is a very less chance of hitting the right combination of the symbols.

Playing the free slot machine games is an excellent way to gain knowledge about this game. By playing the virtual slots beginners can practice the game with virtual money, without losing any real money by starting out in the live-land-based casinos. The main aim of this game is to get the winning combination. These virtual slots are mainly created for the purpose of practicing or for demos. Today, online slot machine games have improved a lot with the latest technologies. In the early days, the mechanism of slot machines are determined by the outcome of the slot games, whereas now it is determined by a slot machine program called random number generator (RNG).

Common Myth

One of the most common myths about slot machines is that the machines that have not paid out for a long time increase the chances of winning a jackpot when compared to the machines that gibe payout frequently. But it is not true. The RNG ensures that all slot players have an equal chance of winning the game. The odds of winning remain the same regardless of the frequency of the machine’s payout.

How do Virtual Slots work?

The RNG program picks a number at random and translates that symbol to any corresponding symbol in the virtual reel. Then this symbol will be correlated with other reels to create a combination. If you hit a winning combination you will get a cash prize. Depending on the parameters used in the program, the total number of possible combinations differs.

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