The Specifics of Online Roulette

When the user registers on the best casino site according to his needs, he can access a series of different games, including online roulette, for which different types of welcome bonuses are available.

These initial rewards, usually issued against an initial deposit in the gaming account by the user, have a double advantage.

On the one hand, the casino site convinces the user to register thanks to this plus, on the other hand, players get a free, often substantial amount of money to place their bets.

Welcome, Bonus: 

They can be with or without a deposit. Those without a deposit have higher requirements and the amount released is much lower (hardly exceeds 10 bucks). Those with deposits also go up to  1000 bucks in bonuses, with lower requirements.

The bonus cannot be immediately withdrawn but must be played a certain number of times in full, it is indicated on the terms and conditions page of the site, before being able to withdraw the winnings obtained, the number of times to play it.

They have an expiration date, usually, they must be played within one or two months, otherwise, the bonus itself and the objectives achieved with it will be eliminated.

The welcome bonus ultimately consists of some free money to play. It can be used within all casino games unless otherwise indicated by the platform site.

Live Roulette

Nowadays the best casinos on the web all offer the live version, ie live dealer roulette.

It is therefore real people who take care of the wheel to make the bet even more exciting.

It is a version designed for the user who is looking for the same thrill of emotion that until now he has found only seeing the wheel spin in a physical casino while remaining comfortably seated in his home. After all, the principles are the same and there are no substantial differences with digital tables.

How to Play Free Roulette

Playing online roulette is pretty simple, but if you are a novice player it is good to find a free version at no cost. The best roulette and slots providers offer gaming products in two versions: real/live or free at no cost.

Free roulette does not always require you to sign up for an online gambling site. This variant allows you to place bets on numbers with virtual money, without the need for any strategy to win. This way, you can have fun without risk an unlimited number of times.

The game of roulette is simple: there is a table where players who visit the casino site, place their money bets on a number or some types of numbers (eg even, odd, etc.).

The croupier is the one who spins the roulette wheel and throws the white ball, which will be positioned in a completely random way on one of the numbers from 0 to 36.

On the green table, in addition to roulette, there is a carpet on which the possible bets that each user visiting the casino can place on the numbers are indicated. The croupier declares the bets closed before throwing the ball, paying each win at the exit of the number.

In roulette, like in slots, there is no strategy: it is a matter of luck.

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