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When your friends are bored and looking for a new poker game, you want to be ready. Your “new” poker game can be one of the oldest poker games ever invented. It’s time to learn how to play five-card stud.

Five Card Stud Explained

Poker games generally draw games, stud games, community cards, or “flop” games. Community card games like hold ’em and Omaha involve shared cards that are exposed and can be used by all players. Draw games like five-card draw and lowball allow players games to replace cards in their hands with new cards. Stud games have certain cards exposed. In seven-card stud, players get extra cards. In five-card stud, players get only five to make their hands.

Playing Draws In 7 Card Stud

A draw in poker is a hand that needs an additional card or cards to complete. Draws most commonly refer to straights or flushes, as other hands are already made hands in some way (i.e. at least a pair). When facing a bet in poker, the question of whether to proceed with a draw is one that arises commonly.

In Hold’em as Opposed to Stud

Typically, the decision regarding whether or not to pursue a draw depends on the pot odds. If your odds of hitting a flush or straight are shorter than the odds the pot is laying you, you have a correct call. In a game like Texas hold ’em, this calculation is fairly straightforward. If you have four to a flush on the flop, you have about a 2-to-1 chance of making your flush by the river, a roughly 4-to-1 chance of making it on the next card. For an open-ended or double gutshot straight,

Lucky 7 in the river against Pocket Aces

Everybody who has played Texas Holdem will know how rare are Pocket Aces. Yes, you get them once in a while but the probability to get them is very little, especially if there are a lot of players at the table. But how often do you see two players having Pocket Aces in the same hand?

The story:
I was playing some freeroll tournament in Full Tilt Poker, just to kill some time at work and it happened. I was kind of low on chips and I got “One-eyed jacks“.I was feeling quite happy but soon I found myself all in with 2 other players. If you are a regular player game sat Full Tilt, or even if you’ve simply been learning about the game via sites such as, then you’ll know that this in itself is a relatively rare occurrence.

Well, imagine my surprise when they both pulled out Pocket Aces! I can bet on my grandma’s cat that these two guys were cursing also behind their computers. Anyway, I couldn’t do anything so I started watching my downfall and kick-off from the tournament. The flop 10-3-9 didn’t do any good to me, or that is what I thought. 8 on the turn gave me a straight draw and 7 on the river made me fall out of my chair. I got straight against two sets of Poker Aces! Sweet victory!

From now on I’m thinking twice before going all in with Pocket Aces. Luck is a weird thing like famous writer Terry Pratchett said – one-in-a-million chances come true nine times out of ten.