The Various Stages of the Game Seven and a Half Online

How to play seven and a half let’s get to the heart of this challenge that is played by card strokes. How to play seven and a half with money? Let’s see it in detail:

After choosing the dealer, the dealer deals a card to each player, following the counter-clockwise direction

Each participant establishes his own stake, based on the value of the card (except in the 7 and a half free online game)

At this point the decision is made between “standing” and “asking for a card” or, depending on the score obtained, the player can decide to stay with the score in hand or to ask for a card to increase it

The second card is placed in the middle of the table and, if necessary, a third or fourth card can also be requested

Who Win? Simple: the Player Who Has a Score of 7 and a Half

However, there may be situations of equality, for example, more players have obtained the winning score or – on the contrary – more players have “busted”. How to behave accordingly? Therefore, in 7 and a half online wins:

  • Who has obtained the winning score with the fewest cards;
  • The player who, of all the losers, busted by asking for the least number of cards.
  • And the dealer? Rules apply to him too, namely:
  • If he busts, he loses like all the other players;
  • Wins if his score is higher than that obtained by the players at his table (the rule does not apply to each other.

Seven and a half and blackjack: what are the differences?

Both blackjack and 7 and a half are two card online games in which the score obtained by the player is detected: in both cases, the player must reach but not exceed a certain score. But there are differences between the two:

In blackjack, the target score is 21;

The number of cards is different: in blackjack 4 to 6 decks of  cards are used, without removing anything;

The dealer in Blackjack receives the first card face down, unlike the other players;

In blackjack, there are other possibilities besides “standing” and “hitting”, such as split and insurance.

Which of the two to choose? Hard to say: both are fun and give you a nice edge over the house, but the 7 and a half online game remains a little easier to experiment with even for those who aren’t green table wizards.

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