Types of Live Games in Online Casinos

Live (or live) games are often a very important factor for anyone choosing a new live online casino to wager their money on. Oftentimes, a variety of live games are an added bonus for those who want to bet in their living room or on the go, without losing that real casino feels.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Like true Blackjack, you will be faced with a dealer ready to challenge you to reach 21 or get as close as possible

Live Dealer Roulette

The ball spinning on the wheel here is not virtual, but real. So no worries that the numbers could be determined by artificial intelligence.

Live Dealer Poker

Again, you will be faced with a dealer who will deal the cards to each player, ready for a terrifying flush!’

Main Features of Games in Live Online Casinos

Although the development of live casinos in  has only taken place rapidly in the last two decades, many providers have aligned themselves with land-based casinos, offering a number of key features, which bettors can choose as they please to bet according to their own rules of play. . Here are which ones:

Casino live AAMS Live games with the highest stakes

At these tables, the providers offer bettors the opportunity to wager higher amounts, receiving a greater profit in return. These tables are generally reserved for so-called High Rollers.

Live games with the lowest stakes

Unlike the previous tables, these offer the opportunity to the less experienced, to bet much smaller amounts. With lower stakes, the betting limits are also lowered, which in some cases can start as low as a few euro cents.

Tables with game limits

Different game tables will have different limits. Regarding a poker table, for example, there may be limits on the stakes. For example, there are tables where it is possible to participate by betting only a certain amount. The same goes for tables like Blackjack or Roulette.

The best live casinos  to play on the go

Nowadays there are few bettors who approach this world, sitting behind a desk and in front of a PC. Most bettors, especially younger bettors, want to bet live at any time. This is why most AAMS live casinos today offer almost all the possibilities of playing from mobile, regardless of the operating system used. Real apps are often available for download for iOS and Android.

The bonuses offered by live online casinos

bonuses offered by live online casinos generally, the best live online casinos offer interesting bonuses to bring more and more users to register on their site, rather than on that of a competitor. Here are the most popular bonuses:

Welcome, Bonus – An increase, generally calculated as a percentage, on the first deposit (or more) made by the new member.

No deposit bonus – A much rarer type of bonus, especially in live casinos, but very popular, as it allows you to play and win real money, without making any deposit.

Free spin bonuses – They are much more frequent and sometimes also combined with welcome bonuses. They allow you to play predefined slot machines, with free spins. So without spending a cent of the money paid.

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