Variants of Blackjack

5 variants of blackjack disappeared into thin air: two were too good for the players.

Over the years, numerous variations of blackjack have been developed. Just to give a few examples, it is very popular, while the variations with particular rules such as Strip Blackjack or Blackjack Switch are in vogue.

And then there are 5 variants of blackjack that have been proposed in casinos but that have been withdrawn in a hurry because they are considered bad or unplayable by the supreme judges, the players themselves, or because they are too generous towards them.

1 Three Card Blackjack

2 Never Bust Blackjack

3 Two-Face Blackjack

4 War Blackjack

5 Lucky 13’s Blackjack

Three Card Blackjack

In 1994, aspiring casino game inventor Derek Webb created a game that would be very successful in the casino world, Three Card Poker. In 2006, Eliot Jacobson and Larry Lambert tried the same, throwing Three Card Blackjack.

The game was proposed among the variants of blackjack in some gambling halls in the Washington area, where instead of the canonical two private cards they were given three. The hand basically ended there, because the score was given simply by the sum of the three cards or the best two if the third one got high.

The house advantage of 3.42% and the inability to actively influence the outcome of a hand made Thee Card Blackjack disappear in just a few months.

Never Bust Blackjack

Another variation of blackjack that attempted to remove any trace of strategy and skill from the game (and you will have already understood why it ended badly) is Never Bust Blackjack.

In the game, players received two sets of two cards each, but not interchangeable as in Blackjack Switch: whoever had a lower score of 16 had to weigh another card.

  • The game folded in no time.
  • Two-Face Blackjack
  • The game started out as a normal blackjack hand, apart from a couple of different rules:
  • No 10 in the deck

The dealer must turn over his face down card if the face-up card is a jack, queen, or king

You understand that being able to see the dealer’s hand was a huge advantage, so much so that the house edge was just 0.34%: a dream for all blackjack players.

Not surprisingly, it was the casinos themselves who decided to send this variant to the attic, evidently too little profitable for them.

War Blackjack

Go from being called the “best new table game of 2013” by Casino Journal to oblivion? Ask War Blackjack how he did it. And it’s not the players’ fault this time either.

By combining war with blackjack, this game gave more experienced players a huge advantage. The War phase, in fact, simply provided a challenge to the dealer to whoever had the highest card: if he won, the player could collect the winnings and immediately finish the hand or transfer it to the bet made in the blackjack hand.

Since the War phase was played with the two cards face up of the player and the dealer, this represented an advantage for the player, who could decide whether to cash or risk based on the dealer’s card.

Casinos removed the game in favor of something more profitable (for them).

Lucky 13’s Blackjack

We close with Vinny Sandhy ‘s creature, Lucky 13’s Blackjack. Created in 2014, this variant had 64 cards in a deck instead of the usual 52, thanks to the addition of three new values: 11, 12, and 13.

What happened when a player instantly busted, possibly receiving a 13 and an 11? He could split his hand.

Interesting concept, but obviously not for blackjack lovers, who snubbed it right away

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