Variations in Crap Games

In order to become more familiar with the game, it is certainly necessary to have some idea about the different variations of the game. So, take a look below:

o Crapless Craps: This kind of crap game is considered as the easiest form of the game. In some casinos it is also known by the name of Bastard Craps. Since, it is the simplest form of crap game, for this reason it is widely available and played in most of the casinos around the globe. Even though the basic rules of crapless crap are same as its basic version, but the bets are placed entirely in a new way. Nevertheless, the game begins in the same way that is by rolling the 2 dices.

o Simplified Craps: Just like its name, it is also simply and easy to play. If truth to be told, it is even easier than the crap version mentioned above. If you take a closer look at this version, you will figure out that most of the bets are unavailable. Before you play this version of crap, keep in mind that it offers 2.8 percent of edge to the house or casino.

o High Point Craps: This form of crap game will surely give you loads of excitement. In this form of crap, the rolls of 2 or 3 are not considered. It means that the shooter has to re-roll the dices if the outcomes are 2 or 3. On the other hand, the shooter wins the game if he or she obtains 11 and 12 through the roll.

How to win?

You cannot influence the outcome of a rolling dice; however, by following Martingale system, and also by wagering within your limits, you can certainly increase your odds of winning the game. In addition, analyzing your opponents will also help a lot.

What are the 3 top keno websites?

There are numerous websites providing you the keno game, but the top 3 among them are given as follows.

o Casino Titan: This is very popular among the masses as you can find a wide range of games here. In order to have a good experience at the site, many funny characters such as Tom & Jerry and Pink Panther have been introduced. The bonus amount is the attraction at this site.

o Rushmore Casino: You can find various varieties of keno game at this website. Further, you can find many deposit bonuses also at this site. Visit this site and experience the divine customer care facility over here.

o Rome Casino: You can get many bonuses and promotions over here. Further, it is so well designed that the graphics of this site would easily attract you.

Apart from them, you should also learn about some winning systems that are usually available in the web world. Some of them are for free, while some of them come at a cost.

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