Video Poker Bonus

Like in any other casino games, casino bonuses are also offered in video poker games. The bonuses in this casino game are offered so that players can earn some extra credits or money which can be used by them to wager on video poker games. So, there is no major difference between video poker bonuses and the ones offered at other casino games.

Types of Bonus

Basically, there are four types of video poker bonuses, and they are –

o  Cashable Video Poker Bonuses: This type of bonus can be withdrawn along with the winning amount.

o  Casino Match Bonus: It is also a cashable bonus which is offered against the deposit amount.

o  No Deposit Bonuses: This form of bonus is offered when you sign up with the casino, even without making any deposit.

o  Sticky Bonuses: This type of bonus cannot be withdrawn even along with the winning amount. You can only use it for betting purpose.

How to Clear?

Well, it clearly depends upon the type of bonus you want to clear. If you are looking to in cash your cash match bonus, you will have to bet with a certain amount of money before you can withdraw it. On the other hand, cashable video poker bonuses are offered automatically when you win some cash money. But, it is offered in instalments. The no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn unless you have made a certain number of deposits to clear the threshold amount.

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