Video Poker Strategy

There are lots of people that think playing online VideoPoker is just like playing slots.

This is not correct but those people believe that it all deals with the luck of the draw. Luck is an aspect of any casino game there is a skill that is involved with online video poker, much like the poker games at tables and online. There are many types of casino video poker machines that can give you a return of 100% and more by using a few basic poker strategies. The best way to get the maximum payout is to be the maximum amount on that hand.

Casinos allow for the maximum payout for a couple of reasons. First, there are not many people that play online video poker that use the optimal strategy. Second, there are many people that play VideoPoker that choose the game because of the lower minimum stakes. These people do not want to bet the maximum amount. The best strategy for winning the maximum amount is to bet the maximum. It’s that simple.

 Many people that play video poker and do not use the optimal strategy are missing out on the complexities of poker, which you can use to your advantage. Casino video poker is special because you only have one goal, which is to make the highest hand possible. You do not have to worry about other aspects of poker such as card counting or bluffing from the other players. The strategy of online video poker is pretty easy, as it is the basic strategy of poker as well. But with regular poker, you are playing against opponents so your strategy will be different.

For VideoPoker you should use this optimal strategy

If you are dealt a straight or better you should take no cards and play the hand you have, as you will already receive a payout. If you have 2-pair, and are one card away from a straight that is open-ended straight or higher you should take one card. If you have 3 of a kind or are two cards away from getting a straight flush or higher you should take two cards. If you have a pair or two high cards (higher than 10) you should take 3 cards. If you only have one high card you should take four cards. If you are dealt nothing (best card 10 or lower) you should take 5 cards. This basic strategy is for any online video poker game, where you are simply trying to get the best 5 cards you can. But you have to be aware that there are some variations of casino VideoPoker, where this strategy will not work as well.

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