Virtual Casino Discounts and Bonuses

Virtual casinos offer a mind boggling range of tempting discounts and bonuses to attract prospective players. It is therefore, essential to understand what these incentives mean and represent.

First time players must make use of the sign up bonus to better their play, practice and gain confidence. This bonus money should be considered as improvement incentive because the player has made zero investment and still gets to play, even if he loses in the game it’s not his money that he lost! So make a player should make the most of it and hone his gambling skills.

An increasing number of casinos offer a no deposit bonus and beginners should avail this readily and play to get into the groove and understand the game better. Beginners are also lured by a referral bonus or incentive, as and when they refer or introduce their friends to a casino. This incentive varies between £ 25 to £ 50. Existing players can work this to their advantage by referring friends and collecting a tidy sum to play with.

A very juicy and tempting carrot dangled by casinos is the first deposit bonus. It ranges from 50% to 200% where a limit is agreed for a particular amount. For deposits going beyond the decided limit a 20% discount is applicable. Gambling houses are prepared to suffer losses on this in an attempt to develop prospective loyal players, and at times to safeguard their own interests and name.

To retain their trusted and devoted customers casinos offer what is called a second deposit bonus of 10% to 20%. This is also correlated to the procedure of payment. Low risk players are valued customers for any casino and they are rewarded by the deposit method bonus because transactions made via wire transfers, neteller, and PayPal lower the risk on wire transfers.

Professionals and big time players are the prized customers of any casino. They are offered vip bonus when a deposit of £ 1000 or more is made by them. The payouts are generous and they know how best to spin around this money and make the most of it.

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