What Are the Wagering Requirements?

The wagering requirements are the conditions to which everyone must comply in order for a bonus to be transformed into either a liquidate credit or a real bonus, i.e. credit that can be used even when the time limits of the casino welcome bonus expires.

You know that wording often quoted with “x” that precedes a number? For example x20? This is the wagering requirement of the bonus in question and it means that the bets to be made in order to clear the bonus must be twenty times higher than the value of the bonus used and for more information visit here https://netentnodeposit.net/.

What does it mean? To put it very simply, it means that for the 1.00 bucks bonus you invest you need € 20.00 in total bets to then collect the winnings in cash: a type of condition that clearly serves to prevent players from cashing in immediately. their bonus, a possibility that would certainly be very advantageous for users but which, if we think about how many users there are in an online casino, would undoubtedly bankrupt the portal.

Percentage of the welcome bonus: what does it mean?

The percentage of the casino welcome bonus is of course that refers to the bonuses recognized on the deposit made, which is made richer by an additional percentage of credit that is given as a bonus.

So how should we read when we read the description of a bonus in terms of “100% bonus up to x euro”? The percentage expressed refers to how much more credit we will get as a bonus, so in the case of a 100% bonus, it means that your deposit will be doubled, receiving the same amount as you paid for free up to a maximum limit established by “up to ”, A topic that we will deal with better shortly.

The most common deposit bonuses are precisely those of 100%, but it is also quite common to find them of 50% or even 200% and in this case, on your gaming account you will find yourself in fact tripling the amount paid in deposit: to make an example we pay 50.00 bucks to get 200% more as a bonus, (or € 100.00) and we will have a total of 150.00 bucks on the account.

The conditions of the Casino Welcome Bonuses

One aspect to always keep in mind when evaluating the quality of a Casino Welcome Bonus is that inherent in its conditions, which however does not mean that they are always present.

Do you know the famous asterisks that lead to footnotes on the page? This is exactly what we are talking about: a bonus that is advertised in large letters could be subject to “small print” conditions that substantially change its shape and it is therefore very important to be sure of how things actually are.

What in particular are these conditions we are talking about? There are two kinds of them, the so-called Conditions of Use and those for liquidating bonuses, and now we are going to deepen them both.

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