Win jackpots with Blackjack

We are great fans of online casinos and consider them to provide superb entertainment along with the chance to win a little money. As long as we only bet what we can afford at online casino, there is no problem. The casino operators provide an entertainment, and we make a contribution to their costs and profits. You don’t expect free entertainment do you?

Of course there are always the villains. In this case the villains are the scam artists who try to fool you into parting with your cash to purchase their full-proof systems to guarantee that you will beat the odds and win large amounts of money on a regular basis. There is nothing we like more that to demonstrate that these scams are exactly that, scams. There are no ways to beat the odds. Having said that, there is one way in which you reverse online casinos’ edge, and that is by making use of their introductory bonuses, however that is the subject of another article.

Blackjack is a game that the scam artists love to target. Numerous systems guarantee you wins of at least £100 a day for a piece of software that they will provide to you for a small outlay of £39.99, less than you would make using it for half a day. These self-attested mathematical geniuses who have devised these plans claim that their software will provide you with the best play possible if you input yours and the dealer’s visible cards.

What they do not tell you is that the optimum blackjack strategies are actually in the public domain, and that they can be readily accessed for free. What they also do not tell you is that by playing the optimum strategy you do not beat the casino edge. If it were possible to beat the casino edge then there would be not temptation to count cards at live casinos; there would be no need to. The way people have beaten the casino edge is by combining card counting with optimum strategy play. It is so hard to do without the use of illegal devices that casino owners are happy for you to try.

Now if you could count cards online that would be a very different kettle of fish as they used to say. But you can’t, as the shoe is shuffled after every game.

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