Write Notes Correctly in Poker

When playing poker, players do not keep everything in their heads, relying on their memory. She can be a great let down sometimes, especially in stressful situations. That is why the players make notes or notes during the game , which help them to follow the game. These are quick abbreviated notes, individual for each player. The main thing is that they are immediately clear to you, and you do not waste time on their long decoding. It will be wrong to write down absolutely every player’s move, because you will need a lot of time to re-read everything, comprehend and make the right decision.

The main goal is to write as easily as possible and mark the most important points. And so that, after reading your notes after a while, you understand their contents exactly. An example of a good note turn bet on dry board nuts. River over bet donk all-in on the draw board didn’t cover the draw bluff short, clear and fairly easy to interpret. This is a great note for beginners, but the longer you play poker casino, the more comfortable and structured your notes should be. After all, if you make a couple of notes, it won’t be difficult to figure it out. And if there are more than five of them.

Then installed templates of this type will come to the rescue. As practice shows, a very convenient template for further quick decryption. So, in short, the basic tips for writing notes write extensively, but without excess water. All information should be useful do not shorten too much, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time. Write so that even after a few years you will understand the essence of the note. Don’t neglect board sizing and structure. It is important to pay attention to what the opponent is showing at showdown.

How do i apply notes in poker and the most important thing is practice. Practice writing notes every day, perfect your contractions, this will definitely help you. To successfully use notes in your game, follow these guidelines. Create a template in advance that you will use in the game for your notes you can use the above. Think of abbreviations that would be easy for you to decipher. If you’ve written or seen someone else do it, think about which ones you might find useful. And immediately discard the obviously bad ones.

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