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Using online payment is related to paying some fees, even though they are within reasonable limits. Many players prefer this method of payment mainly because of its transparency as there are no hidden fees. Issuing and activating the card is free of charge. As long as there are sufficient funds in your Account account, you can use them to load your card. Depositing funds in the account with a credit card is charged with a fee, amounting to 1.69-2.90% of the deposited sum.

Account accounts are subdivided into several levels – Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Customers can reach the next level by making more purchases, using their online casino payment. Each level brings you different benefits. Players, who wish to cash out with online payment and have reached Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP level, will have to pay a fee, equal to 2% of the sum they wish to withdraw from their casino accounts. The minimal fee for withdrawals amounts to 1,50  bucks.

It’s very important to remember fees are also imposed whenever converting currency is necessary. The currency conversion fee amounts to 2,99% of the sum that’s converted. The currency conversion fee is automatically added, once the currency exchange rates have been calculated.

online payment limits may vary depending on the customers’ account level. Customers with Silver accounts can make purchases of up to 2,000 bucks per day via POS, while those with Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts are limited to 4,000  bucks per day. The limits of ATM transactions, on the other hand, vary between 750 and 1,500 bucks per day.

In case your Account account has remained inactive in the last twelve months, you will have to pay a monthly fee of 1,50 bucks and this applies to all four levels. If the card expires, a new one will be issued free of charge which is not the case if it gets lost – then you’ll have to pay 12,50  bucks for a new one. It would be a good idea to remember your PIN code well because otherwise, each PIN reminder will cost you 0,50 bucks.


online-safety payment uses sophisticated technologies to protect customers from fraud and ensure time-efficient and secure transactions. All transactions are coded with SSL encryptions. In addition, special firewalls and frequent backups ensure transaction information and history are secured.

When players make a transaction to or from an online casino, their personal and financial information is not shared with the latter. Furthermore, payment takes strict security measures to protect the information stored on their servers from hacker attacks and spyware. The company complies with all security standards imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

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