Although the word Baccarat is found in both Italian and French, most people believe that the game originates from Italy. The word means “nothing” and probably refers to the value of the dealt cards that count as just zero in the game. What is more clear is that the game spread to in the 15th … Read more


Baccarat is the casino game where the stakes are usually at their highest. If a player’s bet is only a few chips and the player next to him consistently plays for significantly more chips, it’s easy to get affected. This is especially true if the other player wins and can collect large amounts of chips. … Read more


Baccarat is only about luck and the rules are basically extremely simple. The game begins with the players placing their bet on whether they believe the bank’s hand or the player’s hand will win. It is also possible to bet on a draw. Two cards are then dealt to the two hands. With the exception … Read more


In many online casinos these days you don’t have to create a user account to play for real money. This simplicity is one of the reasons why conventional casinos are facing a dwindling clientele and online casinos are growing rapidly. Instead of going through a cumbersome registration process, you are right in the middle of … Read more

play keno online

Are you interested in playing keno online, but have never tried this casino game before? No danger, playing keno is very simple and it is similar to the lottery in many ways when it comes to the structure of the game. Before the round, select a number of numbers, which create your own keno line. … Read more

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If you have previously played at online casinos, you may have already become familiar with the concept of casino bonus. A casino bonus is a bonus that the casino gives its players as a welcome gift or as a motivation to stay at their casino. You can usually use this bonus in slot machines, so-called … Read more