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Players start by deciding how much they want to wager on a given hand. Some online casinos have betting limits of both the minimum and the maximum. The first stage consists of the distribution of the cards. The dealer will begin with the distribute a card to the player who is to the right and continue’ in the usual way until all players including the dealer do not have 2 cards.

After the cards are dealt, the player can ‘decide between three options: stay, take another card or split the two cards. If the player decides to stand, the game is over and the player must ‘wait for the dealers that will determine his defeat or victory. If the player takes cards, the dealer will distribute ‘another card that’s going to add up with the others. If the player splits, the two cards are divided in its possession and the player will play ‘as having two separate hands.

After all the players and the dealer have completed their turns, it goes to pay the players or the withdrawal of the post. If the player has a higher score than the dealer wins double the bet if the dealer has the best score of the player retiring ‘the amount bet on it. Blackjack and a truly remarkable game. The fact that it is “beatable” allows more ‘astute gamblers to win a lot of money. The game a lot of fun and exciting and thanks to the many rooms that you can find in the best online casinos at, entertainment and insured.

Not to be missed in the most absolute. If you want to try to play Blackjack online, click on the image above and start playing blackjack online for free in the demo or trial in the games room. During a hand of blackjack, you may encounter various stages of the game.

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