Strip Poker, Anyone?

Strip poker is a simple variant of the original poker game, which is often spoken of or romanticized in books, films, and magazines. However, one might doubt whether it is actually played by any people or not. It basically relies on the same rules as normal poker but the difference is that the losers have to remove parts of their clothing instead of losing money. Such a game can be organized in various ways without really placing a bet.

One can play poker as if in a showdown, where everyone draws the needed cards, and the player with the worst set of cards must remove one part of their clothing. This is often a popular game in some nudist clubs. In certain cases, one may also play this game and place bets, wherein the bets are a mixture of playing a game of truth or dare, and taking clothes off. One can also play it in a way that each player will have a limited number of chips in their possession and anybody who loses all his chips is then required to remove a part of their clothing or buy more chips.

This variant of strip poker can be quite a slow game, but it is what outlines most strip poker software one can install on one’s personal computer. Various games very similar to this strip poker variant have become popularized in television shows in America and also in Finland. Finland’s Subtv for instance, had a program that was called sypokka, where they would play strip poker on television and oftentimes, the players could be permitted to go completely nude on the show.

Very different censorship standards compared to America is it not? Another variation of the game would involve a card deck with levels of forfeits specific to each card, where the loser chooses a card from the hands of the winner and must perform the forfeit, which could involve removing a part of one’s clothing. This depends on how many times the pot is raised as well.

One thing to ascertain as well, before people begin to remove their clothing, is to figure out how much each part of the clothing may be worth. Let’s say if a bandana is worth a wager, then a blouse is worth double that; all these should be decided on first, and whether or not the players should agree to make it possible for one to buy his clothes back or not. Of course, the game ends when there is only one person left still wearing their clothes and they will be the victor of the game. So for those curious about trying it out, there are different sites online where one can play strip poker. One can even view multiple webcams while playing the game online. Are you daring enough to have a go and try it out for yourself?

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