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Fun at Poker

Fun at Poker. 101: Playing poker for “fun” is about as exciting as kissing your sister…or brother! Poker should be played at stakes you can afford…Losing should never make a dent in your standard of living!!!

Play Real Money Poker

Before You Fall in Love with This Most Fascinating Game, Follow These Rules: Never Gamble with Scared Money, Never Bet on Another Man/woman’s Game, and Never Play When Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Sick/sleepy! Check the Acronym Haltss When You Sit Down to Play Real Money Poker Live or Online, and You Will Win More, or Lose Less. a Word of Warning: If You Are Uncomfortable Reading This Article, Twenty Questions, Chances Are That You May Not Have the Temperament or Discipline to Play Poker for Real Money.

A very Important Point is, Poker is a game

Paying any game for real money may not work for some…Play Responsibly! Poker is a game you can enjoy the first time you sit down, and spend the rest of your life getting better. You will appreciate it and enjoy it more every day. To paraphrase the saying about fishing, “a bad day playing poker is better than a good day doing almost anything!”However, the jury is still out on whether online poker for real money is or is not allowed. To date there seem to be many millions, from all walks of life, who want to play. Enforcement of any rules against players is very unlikely to happen. Please satisfy yourself before playing for real money! This article is intended for educational purposes only.

Before we move on to the fun stuff. One very important point is, Poker is a game of Skill. There are people who lose more than they should, yet could continue to play the game they love if they just Improve their Game, or play at Lower Stakes. Poker is not like slot machines, bingo, roulette, craps, or any of the games where Luck is the only factor. We have our opinion as to the ethics and legality of the game…please decide for yourself.

Brush up on the Basics…Rules and Terms, Variations, and History of Poker.

While playing money poker may not be the most exciting game of poker, fun games can be a very useful way to Learn the Game, help you become comfortable with the Action Buttons and any differences with a New Game or Site, and even a great place to Outlast a Bad Run of Cards. The first few times you Play more than One Table, be sure to test the water at fun money. It isn’t fun to lose a big pot because you pushed the wrong button. However, most agree, you will never really learn the game or enjoy it as much as if you play for real money. Please Skim the sections below before you go to the section Online Poker, if you are sure you understand the Hand Rankings, Betting Structure, Terms, or Variations of the games you want to play.

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