Can You Handle a Weekly Home Poker Game?

A weekend home poker game is a load of fun, and the experience is a lot different from online and casino poker. Since it is usually played with friends and some relatives, the atmosphere is very warm and jovial. Food, beverage, and liquor are served and typically your attention is more on the comfort of your guests instead of what is going on at the card table.

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Because of this, a home poker game is usually not very competitive which is why your strategy might be a little different than it would be if you were playing with a total stranger in a casino card game where you would be a little bit more aggressive. Playing with people you know, as in this case, would tend to make you play somewhat looser and the stakes might be a lot lower.

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But beyond all these, a home poker game can be just as competitive and enjoyable as a casino or online card game if you set it upright. First of all, establish a routine that everybody must follow like clockwork. If you are looking at a regular weekly scheduled poker game, then set a definite day of the week and the exact time that the game will begin and the time it will end.

If anybody has to leave earlier, then he has to inform the host at least an hour before he leaves. Since this is a regularly scheduled game, any player who will not be able to attend should phone the host at least four hours before the game begins so that he will not be able to show up for that day’s poker game.

Establishing regularity in your home poker game removes the carefree Sunday “picnic attitude,” professionalizes the games, and instills discipline without taking away the friendliness and cordiality that bind the players as relatives and friends. As to the stakes, set an amount that would be comfortable to everyone and where no one will get hurt too badly just in case the day doesn’t turn out too lucky for him.

In due time, you will know which of your regulars are advanced players and which ones are novices. Know their expectations and work out a compromise solution so that no one gets too disappointed and make your home poker game enjoyable to everybody. As the host, you will have to establish early on whether your home poker game will be conducted with all the seriousness of the casino gaming floor or with the loose, casual affair of a Sunday picnic with the kids. Whichever way you choose, it should not detract from the fun, enjoyment, and bonding that your home poker game is all about.

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