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Free Spins are free spins to be used on slot machines and to be able to play without having to spend real money.

The first step to take advantage of the free spins bonus in a game is to understand how many Free Spins you have available, which slot machines you can use, and the expiry date within which to play.

Always keep an eye on the rollover and bet value in the game, in order to unlock any cash winnings and be withdrawn later.

How to unlock Free Spins?

What Is That

  • Slot machines are one of the casino games that players all over the world prefer. Most games payout Free Spins as a welcome deposit bonus or no deposit bonus.
  • Not only that, but it is also possible to get free spins even without being a registered user.
  • Some web casinos grant free spins and bonus offers even without registration, and this usually happens during the launch of some special promotion and/or new slots.
  • To the most assiduous and loyal players, online casino platforms give away free spins.

Free spins: how do they work?

How to Use

  • Online casinos, offer free spins as a bonus for new user registrations.
  • After the first visit, you can have two types of welcome bonuses: with a deposit or without a deposit.
  • With No Deposit Free Spins, players, after meeting the wagering requirements, have the option to use the slots and withdraw any winnings without using real money.
  • Free spins with deposit are the most frequent offer on internet casinos: the welcome bonus will be given only after opening an account on the platform and/or making a first deposit (usually, the minimum amount is around 10/15 euros and is at the discretion of the casinos).

Free Spin Bonus

  • Free spins bonuses are a free casino bonus especially suited for newbies.
  • Inexperienced players can access slots from the best online casinos on the web without the fear of losing money while playing.
  • From the moment of the visit and registration, just validate the account by sending the identity card or other document and the player can start using them.
  • But not all that glitters is gold. This type of welcome bonus, being given to all new users, risks incurring rollovers.
  • Before being able to withdraw the bonus, players will have to make one bet after another on the casino site to access the possible winnings.

It may not be as popular as most Live Casino live games, especially for those who have less contact, however, Baccarat Live is a game with many fans in and around the world. For the record, it is worth mentioning that this game became known in 1962.

For those who are already familiar with it or those who are less familiar with Baccarat’s image, the fact that there is a dealer and playing cards can be said to be quite similar to Blackjack. It is essentially a game of chance and the goal of the Banker and the player is to reach nine, beat each other or at least draw. As for the banker, the rule is that he always deals clockwise, while with the two cards the player deals, he must reach nine. Of course, he has the opportunity to use more, but the important thing is that he should not lose to the banker.

Baccarat is a game full of interest and adrenaline and it is very simple both to learn and to play it. A Baccarat batch can have three possible effects. Let the player win, let the “mother” win, and let the game draw. Note that where “mother” we do not necessarily refer to Live Casino, as each player has the opportunity to bet either on his own hand or that of the dealer.

  • Discover the magical world of Interwetten live casino
  • Do you know that you can bet on either hand?
  • One hand is that of the “mother” and the other is that of the player. Each player can bet on either hand. Bets must be placed before the cards are dealt.
  • You know how the cards are dealt.
  •  Two cards are dealt with each player and “mother”. The dealer opens one card in the player’s “box” and then one in his own. Then he distributes a second to everyone. So after the cards are dealt correctly, the first “round” of the game ends.
  • You know the value of leaves.
  • The 10s and the figures have zero value in Online Baccarat, the aces count for one and all other cards have the value written on them. If the total value of the two cards is more than 10, then the result is considered to be the second digit of the sum. For example, if you have 9 and 6 the sum is 15. Then the result of your hand will be 5. The winning hand is the one that will be closest to 9.
  • Understand “natural” victory.
  • If in the first two cards that will be dealt the sum of the player or the dealer is 8 or 9, then the game ends and you call this a “natural” victory. Bets already placed will be paid or will be paid accordingly.
  • Find out when the player gets a third card, depending on the sum of his cards.
  • The player’s hand always ends first. If the player has a sum of 8 or 9 obviously and will not get another card, if he has a sum of 6 or 7 he necessarily stops, while if his sum is 0 to 5, then he is dealt a third card. But this will happen in case the hand of the “mother” does not have a sum of 8 or 9, as then the game ends directly and the bets are paid.
  • Know the rules of the third sheet for the “mother”.
  • If the player stops without having to draw a card, the “mother” draws if she has a sum of 0-5 and necessarily stops if she has 6 or 7.

Video poker is a fairly popular Live Casino game, which combines five-card draw poker and live games.

This is a game that is very similar to live games, but you have basic differences from them. The first is that it requires strategic skills from anyone who deals with it and the second is that it offers better returns.

Video poker appeared in Live Casinos in the 1970s. It is an ideal choice for the player who likes live games that require strategic skills, give him a chance to win, but also allow him to play without other opponents, beyond the machine.

The rules of video poker are simple. The player must fill the machine in which he is playing. Then, five cards appear on the screen, from which he is asked to choose which one to hold and which one to “throw”. The machine replaces the cards the player has chosen to leave and wins are awarded depending on how strong the card the player ultimately has.

The amounts, in fact, are written on the table of the machine, so that the player knows exactly the amount he will get for each winning combination.

The basic steps to playing video poker are as follows:

  • First, the player must bet the amount he wants. On most machines, the bet ranges from one to five coins.
  • After the player bets, his machine deals with five cards. The player chooses which of these cards he wants to keep by clicking on them. The remaining sheets are replaced by others.
  • When the new cards appear, then it will be judged whether the player wins and the machine will make the corresponding reward.
  • After we saw in an earlier article what are the basic strategies of video poker, it’s time to deal with the rules that govern this very popular game in online casinos.
  • There are several variations of video poker, but they all follow the same basic rules. Players start by “loading” with one or more credits the machine they choose. The payout percentage is predetermined and depends on the number of credits played. So playing with more, of course, costs more, but it also increases payouts.
  • From the moment it is “loaded” the machine deals with five random cards. There is around in which the player has the ability to keep as many cards as he wishes and change the rest.
  • The initial cards that the player kept, as well as those that replaced the ones he chose to change, are his final “hand”. Each game has a specific winning table, which determines the amount that the player will win based on his card. The most common variant of video poker.

Another game of chance and a favorite. Of course, its evolution over time, from the fact that it was played illegally on the streets until now when everyone can find the various variations of the basic game (Craps) in both land and online casinos. In fact, we should note that it is considered one of the most difficult live games for beginners as one will find on first contact there are many types of bets and until they fully understand the rules.

How the Dice are played

First, we have to mention that there are two dice that the player (shooter) will roll, after first placing his bet. Our bet can be won ( Pass Line ) or lost ( Don’t pass line ). The result that occurs when both dice have the same number is called Hard, while Soft is the result that results from different numbers.

At the beginning of the game, the player has in front of him the indications Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. After you place your bet you roll the dice. If the result is 7 or 11 is Pass Line, ie you win, while if you bring  2, 3, and 12 then it is Don’t Pass Line and you lose. For all other sums, you have 1 Point. For example, if you roll and roll 8 you will receive a Point with the result that the next roll starts with +1.

You should know that in the Point roll if you roll 7 then you lose with the result that your bet starts from the beginning. Generally, you have to be careful with 7 as if we exclude at the beginning of the game-Come Out, from there on we must avoid it.

What Are the Types of Bets

As mentioned above the most popular bet is the Pass / Don’t Pass Line . However, there are several other types, the most well-known of which is  Come / Don’t Come. This is almost the same bet as Pass / Don’t Pass with the only difference being that it can be done at any time of the round. Even when the come-out roll has been made.

Place Bet: The Place bet is made after the Point has been set. The player bets on the numbers 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 to win to get the corresponding number. If 7 comes before, the player automatically loses.

Field Bet: Here the player only online bets for one roll of the dice. If 2,3,4,9,10,11 and 12 come, the player wins, while at 5,6,7 and 8 he loses.

Any Craps: Win 2, 3, and 12.

Any Seven: Wins only 7.

Eleven: Wins only 11.

Ace Duece: Wins if it comes 3.

Aces or Boxcars: Win 2 or 12.

Horn Bet: Win 2, 3, 11, and 12.

Hardway: All doubles and 7s win.

Big 6 and Big 8: Wins 6 or 8 before 7 comes.

There are many variations of the dice game, but the differences between them are small. Some variations offer better chances of winning, so it is good to know which live games the odds are on your side. Below you can see the list of variants that exist.

Bank Craps

The most popular variation of the Live Casino game online is Bank Craps, also called Craps. It is played mainly at Live Casinos and in Nevada and typically offers the best odds. All players place their bet against Live Casino, which has a 1.4% advantage over players. On the table board, there are all kinds of bets associated with simple dice rolls.

Private Craps

Private Craps are also called Street Craps. The game is alike to Bank Craps but bets are not made against Live Casino but between players. Once the Shooter makes a bet, another player must cover his bet by placing his own chips. If one player bets Pass Line, then the other must bet Don’t Pass Line. The rest of the players can make any bet they wish. Then the players roll the dice to get the point number or decide in advance. If the game is played with money instead of chips, it is considered illegal.

Money Craps

There are several names for Money Craps such as Die and Rich Craps and more like Fading Craps. This variant has high stakes, is usually played privately and players use one dice in place of two. Players bet against Live Casino which holds a rake of 5-7%. The table board includes Win Line, Lose Line, and the box with the numbers 4,5,6,8,9, and 10.

Simplified Craps

The name of the game also refers to its simplicity. It has a less complicated betting system than Bank Craps and Live Casino has a 2.8% advantage. Players win if the dice add up to 2,3,4,10,11 or 12 and lose if the dice add up to 5,6,7,8, or 9.

Crapless Craps

This variant is also called Bastard Craps and is also simplified. The advantage is bigger for the Shooter and reaches 5.38%. As in Bank Craps, the player wins if he brings a 7 in the first roll (Come Out), but what changes are that if he brings 2,3,11, or 12 a point is set. In order to win the Shooter must bring back the point number before 7

One of the most popular games of chance is Keno. Starting with the ground agencies OPAP, it has now been established as a favorite choice of players.

Now you can play wherever you are via your computer or mobile phone. The legal Live Casinos that are active in the market have the game. Of course, your transactions are completely secure at Live Casinos with a license.

Keno became known to players, at least in the majority of them, when it entered the ground agencies. It did not take long for it to gain a large and loyal audience, which includes people of all ages. Speed ​​and continuous keno draw keep the player alert and are some of the most important factors in his success.

Movie draws are of course now available on the internet. Online Keno has many similarities as well as some differences compared to terrestrial. Let’s see below the most basic of these.

Advantages of Online Keno

Keno became known to players, at least to the vast majority of them, when it entered the ground agencies. It did not take long for it to acquire a large and “loyal” audience, which consists of people of all ages. The speed of the game and the continuous draws, keep the player alert and are one of the most important factors of his success.

The game is of course available on the internet, with Online Keno showing several similarities, but also differences compared to terrestrial. Let’s see below, the most important of them!

Speed: The pace is definitely faster on the internet than in gaming. Keno draws are more frequent and one after the other without a waiting period, at the time the player wants.

Convenience: The online version of the game is definitely easier than the terrestrial one. For example, the player has the ability to automatically select the numbers he prefers. Or delete whoever he wants at the touch of a button and choose the next ones. In the ground game, you have to fill out cards by hand.

Winning Calculation: In keno draws, the potential winnings in case of a win are automatically calculated by Live Casino and the amount is displayed on the screen. In other words, one does not need to remember the odds from the outside and make calculations. Unlike what happens in the ground game.

Promotions: In Live Casinos online you will often find promotions * that you can use in your game. On the contrary, as is well known, in the terrestrial version of keno, there is nothing similar.

If you would rather play table games and card games with a real dealer in the live casino than slot machines or video poker, then you have no use for a casino bonus. The casino bonus cannot be used on live games, and your free spins do not work for roulette or similar games. Instead, there are special live casino bonuses for live games. These two different bonuses differ slightly from each other, and in this guide, we will take a closer look at what a live casino bonus means, and how they work.

Note! At the moment we have special restrictions on our bonuses. These are rules that the  Gaming Inspectorate has introduced, and which apply to all online casinos with a license. Therefore, right now you can not find any live casino bonuses that give more than kronor 100. However, it has become more common than ever with turnover-free bonuses.

Receive a Live Casino Bonus

Receiving a live casino bonus works in the same way as all other bonuses. Before making your first deposit, click on the casino’s bonus page. Here you select the live casino bonus and then make your first deposit. At some casinos, you click in if you want a bonus immediately when you make your deposit. Is it worth receiving a bonus? It depends a bit. If you want more games for your money, it’s definitely worth it. But if your goal is to make some quick cash and then cash out, it may not be the best plan.

Live bonuses basically always give bonus money, at least in the market. There are two different types of bonuses, deposit bonuses, and matched bonuses, and which one fits best depends on your budget. If you have a slightly smaller budget, you should invest in a deposit bonus. Then you get a fixed bonus amount as long as you meet the minimum deposit requirements. This can mean a bonus as high as 500%. If you have a large budget, aim for the matched bonus instead. Then you can get a 100- or 200% bonus on a larger deposit, which gives you the most bonus money, even if it is not an equally good percentage value. If you are okay with a little beech, you can also create an account at several casinos and receive deposit bonuses, to get the most bonus money for your deposits.

Higher Wagering Requirements on Live Bonuses

Remember that the wagering requirement is higher on live casino bonuses. Casino bonuses usually have around 30x in turnover, but for living bonuses, it can be up to 70x. This is because the gains are much greater and because skill plays a greater role. Without high wagering requirements, players could easily win huge amounts of money from the casino. Due to the wagering requirements, it is always a good option to choose a live casino bonus with no wagering requirements, if you find one.

Play Games from Amazing Developers

It is in the live casino that you will find the most exciting and original games. Here you will find all the card games and table games you like, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, dragon tiger, bingo, and dice games. But also unique versions of them with bonus wins and exciting features. For the best experience in the live casino, we recommend that you check out games from the developer’s Evolution, NetEnt, Authentic Gaming, and Microgaming. Then you know you are getting a really good live casino experience.

In the casinos that you find in the gaming city, it often happens that players choose to fill a small jar with coins and then go to a special slot machine, mostly it is about the so-called slot machines that you can find in large quantities next to the product in long rows. A slot machine like a slot machine is a perfect pleasure for a bunch of friends who have gone out to have fun and want to hang out and play. All you have to do is sit on a chair next to each other and pull the lever on your slot machine.

A game of the slot machine type is simply that you as a player place a coin in a slot machine and then pull a lever that is on the side of the slot machine. When the lever is pulled in, several symbols on the machine start to spin, until they finally stop and if you as a player are then lucky enough to get the same symbols in a row when it has finally stopped, you win a bigger or smaller win.

Play a slot machine online

Playing on a slot machine such as a slot machine is also possible in all online casinos nowadays thanks to the technical development that has taken place in the world. Today, there are thousands of different slot machines in casinos, from the simplest slot machines with few symbols and just a few paylines to advanced video slots with hundreds of winning opportunities. Some slots do not even look like traditional slot machines and some have multiple screens, bonus games, and more.

Since it became practically possible to play games such as poker, live betting, and slot machines in online casinos, both the range of games and the number of gaming companies that have launched online casinos have increased. Nowadays you can find several casinos on the web that offer one to play via their site and hopefully win large amounts. Some gaming companies also offer their players various bonuses and free spins that you can get when you, for example, register and create a gaming account on their site.

To find the gaming companies that are on the internet and that offer, among other things, a large assortment of slot machines also called slots, you can, for example, search around by using a search engine such as Google. You will then get a long list of which gaming companies are available, after that you just have to choose a gaming company that seems most interesting.

modern video slot in mobile

Choosing the right online gaming company to play slots

Before choosing one or more gaming companies on the internet, to play slots, among other things, you should first research some of what they e.g. have to offer their customers. You should, among other things, examine what bonuses they offer, how large their range of the particular game you like is, such as slot machines, and what payment methods they accept when you want to make your first deposit to start playing. Playing on any slot machine makes you comfortable on the internet at any time of the day.

Free slot games are for many a good alternative to paying a lot of money to play. On the web there are many free slots games available, all game portals have their own types plus the most popular standard games. Most gaming sites that offer slot machine games allow you to play as many of the demo versions as you like, these are free slots games. Playing slot machines for free is a perfect way to try out new slots without risking losing money.

If you also want a chance to win money on your play, you combine your play on free slots with the occasional play of a real round on a slot machine or another slot. The stakes can vary from site to site, but often it is about 5-10 kronor per round. There are many casinos today and it is easy to get started.

The traditional slot machine is the slot machine, it has existed since the 19th century and consisted of 3 wheels and a lever that set the wheels rolling. Today, slot machines are much more advanced, they often have five and sometimes up to 8 reels at the same time as the winning combinations are many. You can win quite a lot of money on the slot machines on the big gaming sites, but as I said, you can also only enjoy the games by playing free slots.

Play slot machine for free

Free slot machines are not so common to come across in the physical world, they usually always require you to play for real, ie. with an effort. Today, these machines are also almost always rigged so that a certain percentage of profit is always guaranteed by the owner of the equipment. What is then paid to the player and the holder, respectively, determines chance. Free slot games are played a lot by young people who are not yet licensed to play slot machines with real money. There are gaming sites totally dedicated to free slot games and they are well visited. These sites usually make their money on ads.

As online games are so available, many people get into trouble with gambling addiction. The serious gaming sites do what they can to combat this, but it is almost always required that the person who has ended up in a gambling addiction wants to get rid of it, otherwise it is difficult to solve. It is when gambling addiction puts the person in financial trouble, with credits you can not repay, which results in you getting social worries with loved ones who get tired of lending money that they do not get back. In really serious cases, gambling addiction also leads to crime. If you stick to free slot games, which in themselves can be addictive enough, then you should at least not worry about any financial worries.

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dice games

Go on an adventure with our incredible dice games! Meet surprising characters as you explore worlds with exceptional music and design. Venture to  Dice Slot, explore ancient Egypt with Book of Ra or Dice of Mystery. Choose your bet, line up the symbols and win the jackpot! Whether you prefer dice or dice slots, all of our online dice guarantee you a unique experience and exceptional game quality!

casino games

Thanks to our online casino games, find the warm atmosphere of the biggest casinos in Belgium directly from your home. Fans of video poker, blackjack, roulette, or jackpot games, look no further. We offers you the greatest classics of the casino world as well as many variations of these exciting games. Will you rely on luck to win big at roulette or will you try a bluff to win the bet in poker?

Casino Tournaments

Do you have a competitive spirit? Then take a look at our many casino tournaments! We continuously y organize tournaments in which coins or cash are put into play. The small entry price is insignificant next to the rewards you can win! Don’t want to wait to receive your prize? No problem! While some tournaments do indeed last several weeks, others are only open for a few hours. So there is something for all types of players!


Between us, who has never dreamed of winning the jackpot? Well, your dreams can come true! Check the Jackpot page regularly to find out which games could give you the chance to hit the jackpot. Choose your game and try to put your name on the list of the latest winners!


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Can’t make your choice? Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the latest games for you. Do not hesitate to consult our best games to find all the favorite games of the community.

Responsible Casino Gambling

We want the game to remain entertaining. We are therefore committed to informing our players of the problematic behaviors linked to excessive gambling. We have put in place a whole series of legal tools and mechanisms so that you can set limits and stay in control to gamble responsibly. To find out more, see our responsible gaming page.

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Playing online doesn’t really interest you? Then discover our terrestrial establishments. We have nearly thirty casinos and gaming rooms, present in the four corners of Belgium. Our Casinos welcome you in a warm and relaxed atmosphere where you can play alone or with others in peace. Do you prefer unforgettable evenings in a sumptuous setting? Visit the Grand Casino de Namur and enjoy a luxurious environment to try your hand at poker or blackjack. Our many game rooms guarantee you a unique and exceptional experience. Easily find the establishment closest to you.